20 Most Popular Ariana Grande Songs That Shaped Her Stardom ...


20 Most Popular Ariana Grande Songs That Shaped Her Stardom ...
20 Most Popular Ariana Grande Songs That Shaped Her Stardom ...

Let's be real for a second: there are some tunes that just stick with you. You know the ones—the bangers and ballads that soundtrack your heartbreaks, your triumphs, and those oh-so-sweet moments in between. And if there's one pop princess who’s managed to serve up a dish of memorable melodies time and again, it's Ariana Grande. With a voice that seems to effortlessly scale mountains and pen lyrics that hit home, Ari's taken us from teeny bopper to sovereign hit maker in the blink of a smoky eye wing. I mean, come on, whether you're 22 or 52, tell me you haven't found yourself humming along to at least one of her tracks—we've all been there. From the infectious energy of 'Problem' that had us all declaring we’ve got one less issue without… you-know-who, to the soul-shaking 'One Last Time' that could turn a statue teary-eyed, these hits have become anthems for millions. But how did they shape the pint-sized powerhouse we can't get enough of? Buckle up, because we're walking down memory lane and revisiting those 20 unforgettable most popular songs that crowned Ariana Grande as pop royalty.

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'The Way' ft. Mac Miller

Remember when Ariana Grande was known more for her role as Cat on Victorious than her vocal prowess? Well, that all changed with a little ditty called 'The Way' featuring the late Mac Miller. This wasn't just a song; it was a statement. Ariana was here to do more than play a character – she was here to be a music legend. And guess what? She nailed it. Listening to 'The Way' now, you can sense the spark that ignited her stardom. The breezy yet potent vocals laid over Mac's smooth verses – it was clear Ariana wasn't about to be boxed into just one role. The proof? Look at her now. From starring in Sam & Cat to commanding the charts and stadiums around the globe; this track was the jumping point. And while we talk about her iconic journey, do check how she 'Embraced Pop Royalty with 'Problem'' .


'Problem' ft. Iggy Azalea

There's a defining moment in every pop princess's career, a track that cements their place on pop’s high table. For Ariana Grande, 'Problem' was that game-changer. Teaming up with Iggy Azalea, this song was pure, unfiltered pop greatness that you couldn't escape. It was the anthem blaring from every car window the summer of 2014, asserting Grande's position in the industry. The distinctive saxophone hook and Ariana’s sky-high vocals created this irresistible contradiction—a breakup song you can't help but dance to. And let’s not overlook the iconic whispered hook, “I got one less problem without ya,” blending nostalgia with contemporary pop in a way that felt both fresh and familiar. Without a doubt, 'Problem' launched Ariana into the stratosphere, and as we saw later with hits like 'Thank U, Next' and 'No Tears Left to Cry', she only soared higher from there.


'Bang Bang' alongside Jessie J and Nicki Minaj

When Ariana Grande lent her soaring vocals to 'Bang Bang' alongside Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, something spectacular happened. It wasn't just another chart-topper; it was a statement. The track, with its earworm beat and powerhouse trio, showcased a blend of sass, vocal gymnastics, and unapologetic femininity. Ariana's ability to hold her own amidst such strong personalities was proof she wasn't just a budding pop star—she was a force to be reckoned with. Referencing her previous hit 'Problem', 'Bang Bang' took that sassy, confident vibe and dialed it up to eleven. It was more than a song; it was a bold proclamation of Grande's brand and her unwavering spot in the pop pantheon.


'One Last Time'

There's something utterly compelling about 'One Last Time' that just tugs at your heartstrings. It's almost like Ariana knew exactly how to distill the essence of longing into a four-minute track. That level of emotional maturity is hard to come by, and it definitely played a huge part in cementing her stardom. But let's be real, it's not just the maturity that resonates—it's Ariana's knack for making her voice dance around the high notes like it's nothing. It's intimacy and power packed into one, a combo that turned listeners worldwide into a puddle. And I think it ties back nicely to the sense of reinvention she introduces in No Tears Left to Cry, where her resilience shines through. 'One Last Time' is a reminder that even amidst chaos, Ariana's voice is a steady, soulful force we can't help but cling to.


'No Tears Left to Cry'

In a world that often feels like it's spinning sideways, 'No Tears Left to Cry' was Ariana's siren call to resilience. Released after the heart-wrenching events in Manchester, this track wasn’t just a song—it was a roar back to life, a booming declaration that she wasn’t just going to recover; she was going to rise. And rise she did. The melody, a catchy one that defies you not to nod along, carries more than just a tune—it's loaded with the grit and grace of a woman who’s seen the darkness and chosen light. To this day, when I hear the opening lines, I remember where I was—just like many of you do. It's more than a hit; it's a personal anthem for anyone who's ever had to claw their way back from despair. And let's be real, that’s a lot of us. She took what could have shattered her and spun it into a message of unity and strength—something echoed later in her 'One Love Manchester' performance.


'Thank U, Next'

When Ariana Grande dropped 'Thank U, Next', it felt like the entire world stopped for a moment. This wasn't just another pop song; it was a self-empowerment anthem that spoke to a generation. Ari blew us away with her candor, transforming her public breakups into a narrative of personal growth, and who could ignore the chart stats? It smashed records, becoming the fastest song in history to reach 100 million streams on Spotify at the time. And let's not forget how it set the internet ablaze, especially with its icon-packed music video that paid homage to classic noughties movies. It was a cultural touchstone that resonated deeply, urging everyone to say 'Thank U' to their past and ‘Next’ to embracing their future. Truly, this hit was a defining moment in her career, a perfect bridge between her previous triumphs like 'No Tears Left to Cry' and subsequent bangers such as '7 Rings'.


'7 Rings'

When Ariana Grande dropped '7 Rings', it wasn't just another chart-topping tune; it was a bold declaration of self-assurance. Imagine, if you will, dripping in finesse and able to buy anything that catches your fancy. That's the life '7 Rings' painted, blurring the lines between aspiration and reality for listeners. But here's the thing – it's more than just an ode to materialism. It’s a power anthem that has Grande flexing her wealth with absolute relish, which, quite frankly, became a siren call for fans to embrace their own confidence. Okay, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the influence on pop culture was unmistakable. Grande made it okay to flaunt success and have fun with it—no apologies. Remember Breaking Records with 'Thank U, Next'? '7 Rings' follows suit, shaping Ariana's stardom with its unapologetic bravado. It’s not just a song; it's a lifestyle.


'God is a Woman'

With 'God is a Woman,' Ariana Grande didn't just release a chart-topping single; she crafted an anthem of empowerment. The boldness of that track of the Sweetener album is nothing short of transformative. It's like she took feminism, wrapped it in celestial imagery, and set it to a beat that makes you feel invincible. Grande lyrically struts through the song, with a voice that commands attention and respect. The music video, brimming with artful and religious references, amplifies the message of female resilience and strength. It's a daring move, knowing how sensitive the fusion of spirituality and feminism can be, but that's Ariana—fearless and unabashed. You can't help but feel that 'God is a Woman' is a snapshot of an artist at a pinnacle, reshaping not just her career but also societal norms. And as we step into the playfulness of Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored, let's not forget how 'God is a Woman' proved that Ariana Grande isn't just playing the pop game; she's setting the rules.


'Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored'

When Ariana dropped 'Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,' it felt like she wasn't just playing around with the charts but also with the boundaries of her musical style. Talk about versatility, right? This track veered away from her typical narrative and embraced a cheekier, more mischievous side. It wasn’t just about the infectious beat or the catchy lyrics—there was something deeper here. Grande was showcasing a full spectrum of emotions and characters within her music, which honestly, keeps her discography incredibly fresh and influential. Reflecting on earlier anthems, 'Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored' slinks in with a boldness that dares listeners to question the status quo of pop music—and that's where Ari truly shines.



In a world that often stigmatizes discussions around mental health, Ariana Grande took a bold leap with 'Breathin'. This track isn't just another pop hit; it's a personal anthem that many of us hooked onto because we saw our own battles echoed in its rhythm. Let's be real, we all have days when just breathing feels like an uphill battle. And Ariana literally set that to music! Fans connected on a deeper level because Ariana wasn't just sympathizing with mental health struggles, she was living them—publicly. This openness adds yet another facet to her stardom; it's relatable, it's raw, and it resonates. Sure, 'Thank U, Next' (Breaking Records with 'Thank U, Next') might be the breakup anthem of the decade, but 'Breathin'' holds its own as a lifeline in her discography.


'Into You'

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a dance floor, the beats of 'Into You' pulsating through the room, and just feeling utterly alive? Ariana Grande mastered the blueprint of a club banger with this hit. It wasn't just a track that got people moving; it was a declaration of desire, wrapped in an irresistible melody that you couldn't shake off. And can we talk about the vocal range she flexes here? It's like every high note is a siren call to dance just a little bit harder. While we can't overlook the colossal impact of hits like 'Thank U, Next', 'Into You' is a sensational highlight that captures the heady mix of euphoria and longing—pretty iconic if you ask me.



'Imagine', a track that effortlessly strips down the glitz and glamour, gets right to the core of raw emotions. I've always marveled at how Ariana Grande doesn't just hit notes; she caresses them, bending emotions to her vocal will. In 'Imagine,' you can almost feel the weight of each sigh and the longing behind every high note. It's a ballad that, unlike her usual catchy pop hits, feels more like a private serenade. Emotion, vulnerability, and heart—these elements of 'Imagine' showcase the true reach of her artistry, delving deep without needing to showboat with vocal gymnastics. Just Ariana and her undeniable talent, conveying feelings we've all struggled to articulate, and boy, does she nail it.


'Side to Side' ft. Nicki Minaj

It’s clear Ariana Grande knows the secret sauce to an unforgettable track: a hint of pop, a touch of R&B, and a powerhouse feature. With 'Side to Side', Grande not simply produced a chart-topping single; she crafted a blended sound that slips into your memory and refuses to leave. Pairing up with the queen of verses, Nicki Minaj, added that extra spice, creating an irresistible collaborative sizzle that we hadn’t realized was missing from our playlists. What’s genius here is the seamless melding of genres – the playful yet sultry R&B melodies serve as the perfect backdrop to Grande’s sweet pop vocals while Minaj's bars drop like a sledgehammer of attitude. This song isn’t just a banger; it’s a brilliant testament to the art of genre fusion, as I’ve discussed in the harmonic trio of 'Bang Bang' (Solidifying Her Brand with 'Bang Bang'). 'Side to Side' invites us to groove with a heavier beat, insisting we recognize Ariana Grande is not one-note – she’s a full symphony.


'Dangerous Woman'

In the midst of synth-heavy pop and club bangers, there came a track that felt both fresh and nostalgic at the same time: 'Dangerous Woman'. Ariana Grande wasn't just jumping on the retro bandwagon; she was setting the driver's seat for herself. The song wasn't just a single; it was a statement. Ariana's vocals in this track are nothing short of sultry and powerful, a reminder of the divas of the past but with a modern twist that only she could provide. It was like she was winking at the past while strutting into the future. And those guitar riffs? Yeah, they're no less than electric. This was not just another hit; it was a shining example of how Ariana could tap into that classic sound and make it completely her own. I mean, come on, that confident strut in the music video? It's the epitome of a timeless cool that'll make you remember where you were when you first heard it. Talk about embracing vintage vibes with a fresh twist.


'Love Me Harder' ft. The Weeknd

'Love Me Harder' struck a chord for many when it first graced our ears. Pairing Ariana Grande’s angelic voice with The Weeknd's sultry tones, it was more than just a catchy tune; it was a deep dive into the messiness of relationships. Unlike the fairy-tale love stories we’ve been spoon-fed by pop culture, this track didn’t shy away from the grit. It’s about demanding the love you deserve, even if that means confronting the tough parts head-on. And let’s be honest, that relatability hit home for a lot of us. It’s a grown-up anthem that doesn’t pretend love is simple, because let's face it, it isn’t. This maturity is perhaps why 'Love Me Harder' is such a standout in Ariana’s discography, weaving a thread between her empowering message in ‘God is a Woman’ and the sassy independence of ‘7 Rings’.


'One Love Manchester'

In the midst of tragedy, music can become a beacon of hope. 'One Love Manchester' wasn't just a concert; it was Ariana Grande's heart laid bare, an artist rallying the world for a cause much bigger than her discography. Following the horrific attack at her Manchester show, Ariana could've retreated. Instead, she stood tall, her voice intertwining with the resilient spirit of a shaken community. That day, Ariana was more than a pop star; she was a unifier, a beacon of solidarity, using her platform to heal, fundraise, and uplift. Her performance foreshadowed the healing themes in 'No Tears Left to Cry' (point #5), a song that echoed the concert's credo of optimism through darkness.


'My Everything'

There's something about Ariana Grande's 'My Everything' that goes beyond the typical pop song—it's a canvas where Grande paints her gratitude to those who've been her pillars. It's not just a tribute, it's a raw, unpolished thank you note, set to the backdrop of a melody that could just as easily be a lullaby as it could a pop ballad. When you listen to 'My Everything', you can’t help but feel the waves of Grande’s sincerity wash over you. It’s like she’s reaching out through the lyrics, giving a gentle nod to the emotional anthems of her career, and reminding us that no one climbs to the top alone. This track isn't just another golden feather in her cap—it's a testament to her human side, acknowledging the love and support she's received along the way.



You've gotta hand it to 'Focus' for being the powerhouse of pep we all occasionally need. The track lets Ariana's vocal prowess shimmer against a brass-heavy beat that's all about, well, finding your focus. But, it's not just about that laser-sharp attention—it's a celebration of self and the pop anthem we didn’t know we needed till we couldn’t stop humming it. Remember when your feet just started moving on their own the second that chorus hit? Grande didn’t just give us a song; she handed over an instant mood-booster. What’s more, it echoes her joyful persona—because let's face it, Ariana knows how to do fun with flair. While it may not be as frequently cited as 'Thank U, Next' (see Breaking Records with 'Thank U, Next'), 'Focus' is a bouncy, bold staple that still bops in playlists and secures Grande’s spot as a pop princess with a dash of sass.


'Stuck with U' with Justin Bieber

When Ariana Grande teamed up with Justin Bieber for 'Stuck with U', they not only gave us a catchy soundtrack for quarantine life but also demonstrated the power of music in rallying support during tough times. Released amid the global uncertainty of COVID-19, this collaboration was more than a feel-good tune; it was a hug in harmonic form. Profits went directly to the First Responders Children’s Foundation, echoing the track's charitable spirit. Their voices blended like espresso and cream, soothing yet uplifting, making us feel a little less isolated. Capturing the mood of the moment, 'Stuck with U' stood out as a beacon of collaboration and solidarity, resonating deeply with those grounded by the pandemic. And given its timing, this song goes beyond a mere hit; it embodies how pop culture can mobilize empathy and aid, a point that not just complements but elevates Ariana’s stardom to new, philanthropic heights (Exploring Love's Complexity: 'Love Me Harder' ft. The Weeknd).

Now, let’s wind this up. Ariana Grande has indeed carved out a musical legacy that's as impressive as it is influential. Each song we’ve explored is like a painted brushstroke on the canvas of her career, contributing to a bigger picture that so vividly captures her growth as an artist and an individual. From her early pop anthems to the more complex, soul-baring tracks, her journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability. It's more than just catchy tunes; it’s the sound of someone who has mastered the art of turning personal trials into universal truths—and doing so with a voice that seems to define a generation. As we look back on these unforgettable hits, one thing is crystal clear: Ariana Grande's impact on the music industry isn't just a fleeting high note; it's a resonant chord that will echo for years to come.

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