5 Amazing Songs for when You're Sad and Feeling Blue ...


5 Amazing Songs for when You're Sad and Feeling Blue ...
5 Amazing Songs for when You're Sad and Feeling Blue ...

Admit it. We've all cried ourselves to sleep one or twice, whether it's about a boy or something else. If your anything like me, sad songs actually help you put what happened into perspective. Next time you need a good cry, listen to these songs for when you're sad and you'll feel so much better.

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Jack Garret - Surprise Yourself

This song my go to sad song every time. It will make you feel so much better. The beat is fun and will perk you up in no time.


Gnash - I Hate You, I Love You

This song, in my opinion, is the BEST for breaking up with someone or when you're just sad about not being with someone! The lyrics tell a beautiful story.


Birdy - Not about Angels

This song is so so sad. It comes from the film "The Fault in our Stars." The lyrics so deep if you read in between the lines and really listen and understand. Here's a song that's perfect for when you need to cry.


Birdy - Skinny Love

You may want to listen to this after a breakup. It will help you see things in a whole new way. You'll feel better too.


Ed Sheeran - Happier

What a sweet song this one is. You won't be able to help cheering up when you hear it.

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I love these songs!!!

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