7 Wonderful Thanksgiving Songs to Listen to when You Aren't Ready for X-Mas Music ...


7 Wonderful Thanksgiving Songs to Listen to when You Aren't Ready for X-Mas Music ...
7 Wonderful Thanksgiving Songs to Listen to when You Aren't Ready for X-Mas Music ...

Too many people forget about Thanksgiving and skip straight to Christmas. However, it's not time for holiday music yet. Don't put up your tree and play jingles, because there are plenty of Thanksgiving songs that you can sit back and enjoy. Here are a few of them to get you in the spirit:

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The Thanksgiving Song by Adam Sandler

You've probably heard Adam Sandler's Hanukkah song before, but have you heard his Thanksgiving song yet? It's just as ridiculous as you'd expect it to be. Of course, Sandler's silliness is why we all love him so much. He can always make us laugh with his randomness, which is why you need to listen to this song while you're munching on turkey later this month.


Gonna Eat for Thanksgiving by Gloria Estefan and Rosie O'Donnell

Skip ahead to 45 seconds into the video to hear this funny song. It's all about eating as much as you can on Thanksgiving. It's not the time to focus on your diet. It's the one day when you're allowed to pile unhealthy food onto your plate without feeling guilty over it.


Let’s Turkey Trot by Little Eva

This is an old song that's as catchy as it is adorable. You should play it while everyone is heading to the table to eat turkey. Of course, you could also play it after dinner when you're ready to work off the calories you've just eaten. After all, it makes for a great dance song.


Back Home Ballers from SNL

The ladies on SNL know what it's like to go back home for Thanksgiving. If you're getting ready to visit your family, then you'll be able to relate to the lyrics in this song. After all, your parents miss you so much that they'll do anything for you when you come home. It's like you're a celebrity.


Thanksgiving Song by Mary Chapin Carpenter

This is a soft, sweet song that will help you relax. It's what you should listen to when you're ready to think about how thankful you are for all of the wonderful things you have. It might even inspire you to help out at a soup kitchen or do some other sort of volunteer work.

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Thanksgiving Day by Ray Davies

This is a song that focuses on the importance of family. After all, that's what Thanksgiving is about. It's the perfect time to catch up with the family members you haven't seen in years. It's also a great time to reminisce about all of the great childhood memories you have, even if a lot of things have changed since then.


Almost Thanksgiving Day by Graham Parker

Here's one last Thanksgiving song for you to enjoy for the rest of the month. If you weren't in the mood to go back home before you listened to it, this song will certainly get you in the mood for family time.

Don't try to rush through life. Listen to these songs until Thanksgiving is over, because Christmas is still over a month away. Enjoy the moment while it lasts, because there will be plenty of time to listen to your favorite Christmas jingles in a few weeks. What other Thanksgiving day songs do you know?

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