A Perfect Review of Ed Sheeran's Exemplary Concert in Mumbai ...


A Perfect Review of Ed Sheeran's Exemplary Concert in Mumbai ...
A Perfect Review of Ed Sheeran's Exemplary Concert in Mumbai ...

Here's a review of Ed Sheeran concert in Mumbai. The Jio Gardens in Mumbai was ignited with excitement as the crowd grew bigger and bigger on November 19, 2017. The concert started at 8 pm and everyone was thrilled and electrified as the American pop singer Lauv took the stage with his impressive opening act, performing some of his greatest hit singles such as 'I Like Me Better' and 'Easy Love’.

Ed wowed the enthusiastic and eager fans that were waiting for him to step on the stage for the musical evening. We could see the face of fans light up as the amazing British singer-songwriter stepped on to the stage. He spellbound the audience with his beautiful songs from his third studio album Divide. The concert was a part of the World Tour that took place right after his appearance on the Game of Thrones. Divide has topped the charts in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

He was dressed in an elegant blue Kurta with ‘Divide’ written in Hindi on its side. He couldn’t get enough of the Indian vibes around him.

His breathtaking songs and the beats from Divide including 'Eraser,' 'Perfect,' 'Hearts Don't Break Around Here,' 'New Man,' 'Dive,' and many more created an ideal atmosphere in Mumbai. He also played some of his songs from the album ‘Multiply’ and ‘Plus’. He sang beautiful tracks like 'Bloodstream' and 'I See Fire', from the 2013 film 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug' soundtrack.

The crowd sang and danced along as Sheeran kept saying, "Mumbai sing out loud!” As the concert was coming to an end, Sheeran returned to the stage, wearing a blue T-shirt that read ‘India’. The crowd actually discovered something brand new when Ed Sheeran blew their mind with his mesmerizing hit ‘Shape of You’.

Ed showed his love for India through a sweet message, "India: you are always special and this night is magical. Thank you all so much. Hope you all are having a good evening? A pleasure to be back in India. I want the crowd to be involved in my show ... sing as loud as you can, you can dance out here ... I want to see you all dancing, singing and I am going to give you all.’’

Ed Sheeran landed in Mumbai on November 17. He was welcomed at the airport in a traditional way with flowers, dancers, and Dhols. The 26-year old singer was seen with the talented Bollywood stars such as Farah Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Malaika Arora and more in a bash at Farah's residence that was hosted especially for Ed.

Malaika Arora uploaded a picture with Ed Sheeran and Farah Khan and wrote a captivating caption, ‘’He loves the shape of us ...... the absolutely adorable #edsheeran n the hostess herself @farahkhankunder’’

The magical concert was a sensational hit and we cannot wait to see him again in India!

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Ed Sheeran is such an amazing and talented young man x

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