7 Cool Bands to Listen to when You Want to Relax ...

You never know when something is going to completely wrack your nerves, so it’d be best to be equipped with bands to listen to when you want to relax. Not only will these band help soothe your ruffled nerves, but they’ll also make you feel calmer and more serene overall. Listen to these wonderful bands before you go to bed, practicing a relaxing activity like yoga, or even studying, and I bet they’ll lift your spirits in no time. Here are a few of my favorite bands to listen to when you want to relax; check them out below!

1. The Xx

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I am totally in love with bands to listen to when you want to relax because I’m stressed pretty much every single day as a working, full-time college student in NYC. But, The xx makes my day that much more bearable. Their songs have such a soothing quality and give my ears something to be happy about with their ambient, airy, flowing beats and lovely lyrics. Among my favorite songs are “Angels,” "VCR," and “Sunset." Check them out if you haven’t already.

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