Amazing Tips for Doing Festival Season on a Budget ...


Amazing Tips for Doing Festival Season on a Budget ...
Amazing Tips for Doing Festival Season on a Budget ...

Need some tips for doing festival season on a budget? Read on! Over the last ten or fifteen years, it definitely feels as though you haven’t had the perfect summer experience unless you have been to a music festival or two! Festivals are the perfect environment in which to spend time with your friends and get to see some of the country’s best music acts at the same time, but the only problem and obstacle in the way of stopping you from spending the entire summer in a tent is the cost! Music festivals and the industry that surrounds them seem to get more and more expensive every year, but there are still a few ways that you can do things on the cheap. Here are some tips for doing festival season on a budget!

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Choose Wisely

Don’t just blindly go for the festivals that are the most popular. Instead, do your research and find the festivals that are going to give you the most value for your money. Unless there is a specific headlining artist who you desperately want to see, picking your festival should be more about price divided by the quality of music bill and other activities. Also, location can be an important factor because the closer it is to you, the less money you have to spend on travel.


Create a Look for Less

When it comes to festival fashion, you definitely don’t have to break the bank! Stores like H&M and Forever 21 produce dedicated festival lines every summer that are budget-friendly, and for an even cheaper experience you should head to your local thrift store and seek out some vintage gems. Festivals are the perfect environment for vintage and retro fashion!



If you are doing a festival with your friends, then make the effort to all carpool there together rather than driving up separately and meeting at the site. Not only will you save on gas money for the journey, but you will also save on any parking fees that the festival site might have in operation.



One of the absolute cheapest ways to enjoy festival season is if you volunteer your time as a worker at the site. You will be asked to do a few shifts at the recycling post or spend a few overnights as a camp guard, but in return, you get to attend the rest of the festival for free! Sacrificing one or two afternoons or evenings out of a week-long experience is a small price to pay for free entry and camping privileges!


Search for Cheaper Tickets

Rather than buying from the official outlet, in the weeks before your chosen festival is due to begin, have a browse through social media and some of the online bulletin and for sale communities to see if you can find a cheaper ticket. There will always a be a percentage of people whose plans have changed, and the only way they can make a little bit of their money back is to sell their festival passes for under face value!

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