13 Romantic Wedding Songs That Will Give You Goosebumps ...


13 Romantic Wedding Songs That Will Give You Goosebumps ...
13 Romantic Wedding Songs That Will Give You Goosebumps ...

When you think of romantic wedding songs, which ones come to mind? When we were planning our wedding reception, my husband and I had a really hard time picking a song for our first dance. Since I'm a huge sucker for love songs and he isn't, he had me make a list of my favorite romantic wedding songs. If you're in the same boat and are looking for a first-dance or processional song, here's part of my list. If you want to read the lyrics or hear the songs, I got them all from azlyrics.com.

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Here and Now - Luther Vandross

This is one of the most romantic wedding songs I've ever heard. It's a shame he's not around to make any more of his soulful ballads, but this song is dead-on to what wedding vows should sound like. I'd have sung it to my husband, but I can't carry a tune in a bucket.


From This Moment - Shania Twain

"From this moment, life has begun/from this moment, you are the one/right beside you is where I belong/from this moment on." I didn't live with my husband before we were married so it may be different for you, but I really *did* see my wedding as the beginning of a new life.


I Swear - John Michael Montgomery

One big reason I love this song for a wedding is that it truly talks about having a life together. "And when there is silver in your hair/you won't have to ask if I still care/'cause as the time turns the page/my love won't age at all." I love it.


Just Say You'll Love Me -Chicago

There's no question that Chicago can spin a good love song, but this one is perfect for a wedding from beginning to end. You'll have to look it up on azlyrics.com because I seriously can't post the best verses without running aground of copyright laws.


At Last - Etta James

This is a classic wedding or first-dance song, and for good reason. It has a very soulful element to it and mentions what a lot of people think when they find the one they want to spend their lives with. “At last/my love has come along/my lonely days are over.” When my friend had this song as her first dance, I couldn't help but think about my then-fiancé and how much I was looking forward to being married to him. Beautiful.


The Story

I first heard this song when Grey's Anatomy had a musical episode in the 7th season. I have to say, Sara Ramirez tore it up! She is amazing. It's more upbeat than some of the others, so it works well for people who want something a bit different.


Butterfly Kisses - Bob Carlisle

This is a very touching father-daughter dance song. I think the fact that the last part is about giving his daughter away at her wedding makes this one especially appropriate.


A Moment like This - Kelly Clarkson

I never really got into American Idol; in fact, I've never even watched a full episode. Hearing this song, however, would have been worth tuning in for. “Some people wait a lifetime/for a moment like this/some people search forever/for that one special kiss/Oh I can't believe it's happening to me.” Believe it.


Could I Have This Dance - Anne Murray

I like this country-esque song because it states what you're celebrating so perfectly. “Could I have this dance/for the rest of my life?” You can't get any clearer or closer than that.


Need to Be Next to You -Sara Evans

This love song from the lead singer of Sixpence None the Richer was on the soundtrack of the movie “Bounce.” She talks about how she didn't want to admit how much she needs this person in her life, but she simply can't be without him. “I need to know I can see your smile each morning/look into your eyes each night/for the rest of my life.” Perfect.


I do (Cherish You) - 98 Degrees

Say what you want about boy bands, some of their songs are really good. For instance, take this song. From beginning to end, it describes what goes through someone's heart and mind when they think of the new life to come. What's more, the video has them singing this at their wedding! Beautiful.


Back at One -Bryan McKnight

I don't know how “wedding” this song is, but I do know that it's a beautiful song that would be perfect for a first dance. Even if you don't much care for the R&B genre, this is a song that anyone can get into.


Meet Me Halfway - Kenny Loggins

Those of us who saw the '80s movie “Over the Top” may recall hearing this song. Even if you didn't see it (you didn't miss much), you have to admit that this song makes a good love theme. “Meet me halfway/across the sky/make this the new beginning of another life.” Like I said above, my wedding really did feel like the start of a new life.

If you consider what marriage is about - a lifetime commitment to the one you love - these romantic wedding songs speak for themselves. Yes, I know, divorce rates are obscenely high in this country (US), but presumably we don't go into a marriage thinking we're going to get divorced. If you do, you might as well not even bother because you've already decided it's not going to work. Which of these songs makes you think of your sweetheart?

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Include flightless bird american mouth wedding version ❤️

Christiana's a thousand years should also be on the list

Bruno Mars - Marry You, would be another good one.

Awesome list! Thank you! May I suggest too "Eternal flame" by Bangles?

Just to add to the list, "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri.

Oh yes Sindy! It makes me tear up.

A more recent one would be "All of me" by John Legend.

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