8 Songs for Your Wake up Playlist ...


8 Songs for Your Wake up Playlist ...
8 Songs for Your Wake up Playlist ...

The perfect songs for your wake up playlist are the songs that can help you jump out of bed and start your day off right. They are upbeat, happy, and make you feel good. Having the right music playing in the morning can set your mood for the whole day. So it is important that the songs on your playlist make you happy. Here are some of my personal favorites from my wake up playlist. Enjoy!

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You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates


This is the ultimate feel good song and a necessity for your wake up playlist. Play this as soon as you get up and you will be dancing around your room in no time. Every time I start the morning off with this classic, I find the energy to jump out of bed and start my day off right.


Good Life by OneRepublic


Waking up sucks, plain and simple. I hate it and it makes me sad. But that all changes when I put on “Good Life” by OneRepublic. This song is all about how, no matter how it gets, life is good. This song is a reminder that although the day ahead of me might be rough, I still have so much to be happy about. And isn’t that the best way to start your day off?


Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix) by Kid Cudi


In my opinion this song is the perfect combination of chill and pumped up. It takes the super relaxed vibe of Kid Cudi’s original version of “Pursuit of Happiness,” but adds in the exciting vibe of Steve Aoki. It is a great way to get pumped up for the day without overwhelming yourself with a full techno song.


22 by Taylor Swift


“22” by Taylor Swift is all about living life to the fullest. And isn’t that a message you want to start you day off with? You might not be able to stay up all night partying with your best friends, but you can still make the most of every moment. Jamming out to this song in the morning can help you keep that message in your mind all day.


Spice up Your Life by Spice Girls


Throwback to the '90s here! This was one of my all time favorite songs growing up (okay I lied, it still is). The song has so much energy to it and is enough to make even the sleepiest of people jump out of their beds. If you are not up dancing around your room while you listen to this song, then there might not be hope for your wake up playlist.


On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons


Similar to “Good Life” by OneRepublic, “On Top Of The World” by Imagine Dragons puts me in the best mood to start my day. It has such catchy instrumentals and a great beat. Combine that with the lovely vocals and you have an automatic hit guaranteed to start your day off right. With this song on your wake up playlist, you will spend your day feeling “On Top Of The World.”


212 by Azealia Banks


This song is a bit more aggressive but still gets you awake for the day. Azealia Banks has such a unique sound to her music that picks up and slows down pace at the drop of a beat. And an added bonus is the beat, which is perfect for strutting around your room pretending you are a supermodel on a catwalk.


Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke


I found out about this song while studying abroad in Italy and I am obsessed with it. It has the most infectious beat and Robin Thicke’s voice makes me melt. I dare you to put on this song while getting ready and not dance around your room. It can’t be done. Trust me, I have tried.

Music runs my life, so it is natural that I have put together tons of wake up playlists. It is so nice to start my day with a soundtrack as upbeat as I hope my day to be. The songs you choose for your wake up playlist can impact how you feel for the rest of the day. What did you think of these songs on my wake up playlist? What songs do you have on your wake up playlist? Do you like to listen to music when you get ready in the morning?

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Loving blurred lines, favourite winter pick me up song :D

Treasure by Bruno mars is my favorite right now!

"You make my dreams" is so perfect for waking up in the morning :)

Blergh. 212 is just offensive.

Highest in the room - travis scott

Good day by Priscilla Ahn

OMFG! 0_0 Tierra Think it too! ^_^ xx

<3 Nina photo.

I prefer Beetlebum by Blur. Some 311's... Or Highway To Hell by AC/DC.

212 <3

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