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Celebrities don't sing random songs that have nothing to do with their lives. They choose music with lyrics that move them. Sometimes, they even write those lyrics themselves, which means that the songs are literally about their own lives. To prove how meaningful their music is to them, here are a few precious videos of celebrities breaking down crying while singing one of their songs:

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Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson

If you haven't seen this performance from this year's American Idol, you need to drop everything to watch it right now. Kelly Clarkson returned to perform a song about how her father left her, but how her husband will never leave their children. Between the touching lyrics, the knowledge that American Idol is coming to an end, and the fact that she's currently pregnant again, Kelly couldn't hold back the tears. Grab a tissue box, because you'll end up crying with her.


Twinkle Song by Miley Cyrus

Saturday Night Live is usually fun and lighthearted. However, when Miley Cyrus performed, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Even if you're not her biggest fan, you're going to shed a tear as she sings about her puppy that died. If you've ever had a pet, you'll know exactly how she feels.


Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

You've heard this song hundreds of times before. It's about Demi knowing that she's able to handle anything, even when others try to tear her down. She's cried on stage while singing the song a few times, and this video shows footage of one of those performances. If you loved the song before, you'll love it even more now.


Demi Lovato's song "Skyscraper" is a powerful anthem of resilience and strength. The song was released in 2011 and has become an iconic song of empowerment for many. The song is about Demi's own struggles and her ability to overcome them. The music video for the song features footage of Demi crying on stage while singing the song. This emotional performance has made the song even more meaningful to her fans.

The emotion in the song is real, and it's something many people can relate to. Demi has spoken openly about her struggles with mental health, addiction, and eating disorders. She uses her music to express her feelings and to help others going through similar struggles.

The song has become an anthem of resilience for many, and it's been covered by many other artists. Demi has performed the song at many award shows and events, and it's also been featured in movies and TV shows.

The song has become a symbol of hope and strength for many people. It's a reminder that no matter how tough life can be, there is always hope. The message of the song is that no matter how hard things can get, you can always find the strength to get through it.


Someone like You by Adele

Here's another song that everyone has heard before, because Adele has the voice of an angel. Of course, it shouldn't surprise you that Adele sounds amazing, even when she's trying not to cry. Her powerful voice can withstand anything.


All by Myself by Celine Dion

Recently, Celine lost both her husband and her brother. However, despite the tragedy, she went back to performing at Las Vegas, which couldn't be easy on her. This video shows her stopping in the middle of her performance, because she was too upset to continue. Of course, her fans are always going to be there to help her through her pain.


Don't Forget by Demi Lovato

Even when Demi was younger, she'd cried on stage. Of course, the fact that she showed her vulnerability on stage only makes us love her more! It shows us that she's human, just like us, especially since the song she's singing is about a man that she loved and will never forget. She can help us all realize that everyone deals with breakups, no matter how talented or beautiful they are.


Honeymoon Avenue by Ariana Grande

Ariana is usually fun and bubbly, but in this video, she shows her softer side. The song she's singing is about a failed relationship. It proves that even celebrities have had trouble with love, so you shouldn't feel bad about your own situation. Everybody goes through the same types of heartbreak.

These videos prove how much these singers care about what they're saying. What other celebs have you seen break down crying while singing?

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