The Definitive Soundtrack 🎧 of the Early '00s for People Feeling Nostalgic ...

So many people love the music of the 1990s, and I'm one of them so I can totally get behind that. The late '90s, in particular, had some of the best songs – but that might be my nostalgia talking. Those were my high school years, after all. The early '00s, though, they were pretty spectacular, too. Those were my college years, and these are a few of the songs I kept on repeat.

1. Sugar, We’re Goin down – Fall out Boy

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I could choose any number of songs from Fall Out Boy, honestly. They were my not-quite-guilty-pleasure. I still think they have the best song titles ever. Anyway, I chose this one because, well, it's currently summer and this song always makes me think of summertime. It reminds me of teenage nights and risky behavior, even though I never did anything particularly risky when I was a teenager.

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