Christmas πŸŽ„ Songs 🎡 from Your Childhood πŸ‘§ to Make You Feel 😌 Nostalgic πŸ’­ ...

Music is one of the strongest memory triggers in the world and this time of year you're probably looking for Christmas songs from your childhood. Ever have one of those times you played a song and was taken back ten years? I have that with Christmas music as it takes me back to travelling with my family from Montana to Colorado to see my uncle and cousins for Thanksgiving. My brother, sister, and I would be half asleep in the back of the van as our parents would interchange between different Christmas CDs, which were all stuffed into those old CD folders.

Those were the days. As far as I can remember, I’ve listened to the same tunes every year as it helps to start the holiday season. Since I’ve been hearing the same music from childhood, the majority of the songs that I will be mentioning are old (some older than me). But I believe they are worth the listen. So here are some Christmas songs I grew up with and I hope you will make then an addition to your current holiday playlist. To note, I included full albums at the end as I couldn’t pinpoint it to just a few songs. Here are the best Christmas songs from your childhood.

1. β€œWinter Wonderland” by Chicago

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