A Complete πŸ’― List of the Coolest 😎 Cover Songs 🎀 Ever ...

Cover songs are a crap shoot. Forever compared with the originals, you'll always have dissenters and purists who prefer the original versions of songs. That's often entirely founded. However, sometimes a cover song comes along that's so magically good, you can't help but love it – sometimes even more than the OG version. These are some of the top covers ever created – with, admittedly, a few of my personal favorites tangled in there somewhere. What? I never claimed to be an unbiased writer, stalkers.

1. Sleeping at Last, β€œChasing Cars”

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This cover version of Snow Patrol's yearning, pleading love song is the initial inspiration behind this post. Sleeping at Last is worth a listen no matter what, but Ryan O'Neal's voice taking on this tune is just beyond.

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