7 Songs for when You're in a Bad Mood ...


7 Songs for when You're in a Bad Mood ...
7 Songs for when You're in a Bad Mood ...

We all have days where we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, so for when those days strike, here are some songs for when you’re in a bad mood. We all have our ways of dealing with a bad mood, or a grump, but I find that some ways are better than others. For me, these songs are the musical equivalent to screaming into a pillow! So before you rip someone’s head off, try out these songs for when you’re in a bad mood!

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Get over It by Ok GO

This has got to be one of the best songs for when you’re in a bad mood! With its angry beat and tongue in cheek tantrum-like verses it embodies a bad mood. However, the crucial message is in the chorus – to GET OVER IT. It quickly turns from a grumpy song into one that will make you smile. So blast it and shout along!


You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

This is the ultimate pissed off girl song. The contents of the lyrics are quite explicit, but you can really feel Morissette’s rage towards her ex-lover. Sing along to her rants and raves about Mr Duplicity at the top of your voice and your bad mood will soon be cleared!


Alanis Morissette's raw emotion in You Oughta Know taps into that inner angst we've all felt at some point. Her fierce lyrics resonate, creating a cathartic experience for anyone who's felt betrayed. So let your hair down, and let out that frustration — by the end of the song, you'll not only feel empowered but almost grateful for the opportunity to channel your emotions through her powerful voice. And truly, what's more liberating than belting out a song that perfectly encapsulates your feelings?

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Gives You Hell by All American Rejects

Another song for when you someone has rubbed you up the wrong way is this one by All American Rejects. They say all the things you’d love to say to someone even though you may have chosen the gracious route. We’ve all had people that have made us feel less than worthy, and as we know, karma is a bitch, so turn this up and replace your wrath with smugness!


The catchy beat and vindictive lyrics of Gives You Hell resonate with those moments when you're wishing you could give someone a taste of their own medicine. Striking a chord with anyone who's felt scorned, the song's infectious chorus and upbeat tempo might just be the perfect backdrop to channel your frustration into a dance-off in your living room. Let the energy of the tune wash over you and remember, it's okay to have a little fantasy revenge—as long as it's served up in song form! Turn the volume to the max and let your bad mood take a backseat.

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I’m a Bitch – Meredith Brooks

If you need reminding that a bad mood will soon pass, this is the song for you. We all have multiple sides to our personalities, and this song is a reminder of that. You can’t always be perfect or do what’s expected of you, so accept that you may be a bitch sometimes and shake or sing it off!

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Stop Crying Your Heart out – Oasis

I love this song. It is on the top of my gym playlist and it helps me shake off the blues any time. When you’re feeling that nothing else can go wrong, or that the world is against you, this song reminds you that the bad will soon pass. And no one does angry quite like the Gallagher boys!

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Live and Let Die – Wings or Guns ‘n’ Roses- Both Versions Are Great!

The lyrics in this song are perfect for a grumpy day. When you’re mad at the world, do it Jennifer Lawrence style in those yellow marigolds –(those of you who have not seen her rock out to this song in American Hustle, need to do so – NOW!) The song depicts the jaded reality we all face most bad days – so turn it up, let it go, sing along and whip that hair!

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Let It Go- Idina Menzel (Frozen Soundtrack)

Now, I never pretended I was cool (oh Gosh, please excuse the pun!) but nothing gets rid of a bad mood like Disney. Admit it, you too have a Disney song on your Mp3 player, don’t you?! Voiced by the spectacular Idina Menzel, the voice of Wicked, this song will quickly become an anthem for dark days and drizzly mornings. A personal bad mood/ running/ shower sing-along favourite (much to the horror of my long–suffering boyfriend), this song is sure to give you that much needed bad day kick-up-the-bum!

There’s nothing quite as emotive or empathetic as music, and we all have our tunes to banish the blues. Now, my playlist isn’t one to brag about; it’s not cool, it’s not classy, if anything, it’s a big ball of cheese. But, it helps me grapple with the grump and if any of these do the same for you, I’ll be glad. What are your bad mood banishers?

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Hahah let it go!

Gives you hell is my song when I want to say F U to people who pissed me off

Why does the Meredith brooks youtube clip have a picture of alanis morisette on it? Lol

anything by Pink


Don't worry. Be happy.

Don't forget Me , from Red Hot Chili Peppers is the perfect song for bad moods I promis

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