7 Artists and Bands Who Changed Music Forever ...

Throughout the years, there have been many wonderful musical artists and bands. Some of them, however, have created a lasting impact on not only music, but society and culture as well. These 7 bands shaped the music industry and were true innovators in their art. Here are 7 artists and bands who changed music forever.

1. Elvis Presley

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What kind of list of influential artists and bands would this be if it didnโ€™t start off giving credit to the King? Elvis Presley was one of the original founders of the Rockabilly/Rock Nโ€™ Roll musical genre. Without his influence, perhaps none of the other artists on this list would even exist. His impact on popular music and culture is profound. The way Elvis would get up on stage and gyrate his hips was unheard of during the 50s. Not only was he instrumental in creating a new genre of music, he was also influential for his dance moves and for boundary pushing, which is now a staple in popular music. The King was a true visionary and without him, we wouldn't have the rock genre we know and love today.

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