Best Musical Collaborations of 2015 ...

By Sabrina

Best Musical Collaborations of 2015 ...

So far, 2015 has been a great year for music! So many instant hits were created, and the best were often performed by more than one artist. Here's a list of my favorite collaborations so far this year!

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1 Bang Bang

Featuring: Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Niki Minaj
This song features the dream girl gang! Three singers with all completely different styles, fan bases, and strengths, makes this song my favorite collaboration of the year by far! It never gets old, and is the perfect song to listen to while getting ready for a GNO! My favorite part is that each of the vocalists showcase their personalities, making for a unique musical experience!

2 Bad Blood

Featuring: Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar
This song is so intense! It combines America’s sweetheart with America’s favorite rapper. You wouldn't expect it to work, but something amazing happens when the beat drops and Taylor shows her dark side!

Embrace the spontaneity and unpredictability of life, just like going out in a storm without an umbrella. As Natasha Bedingfield says, sometimes you just need to feel the rain on your skin. Let the power and beauty of nature reconnect you with the essence of your being. Life is too short not to savor these moments.

3 Marvin Gay and Get It on

Featuring: Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainor
This ballad is drastically different than the first two on this list. It's more raw, less showy, but still enjoyable! Sometimes the music and singers speak for themselves so that you don't need much more than the voices and a nice melody! This song is a case of that, with it's classic, adorable style.

4 Stay with Me

Featuring: Sam Smith and Mary J. Blige
This song probably became the most overplayed song on the radio overnight! But I still never tire of it. The lyrics are raw and simple, full of emotion that will get you hooked on it! What makes it even more stunning as a collaboration is that Sam Smith and Mary J Blige's voices sound as if they were made for one another!

5 Worth It

Featuring: Fifth Harmony and Kid Ink
I've been a fan of girl groups since my Spice Girls days! But they are few and far between these days, so when I come across a great one I get excited! Fifth Harmony is hands down my latest girl group obsession! All of their voices blend together wonderfully, and when you throw in an edgy rapper like Kid Ink, you get the perfect combination!

6 Pretty Girls

Featuring: Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea
I'm never one to hide the fact that I'm Britney Spears's biggest fan. In my eyes, she can do no wrong! Even though this song is quirky and odd, it's so bad it's good! Admit it, it's your guilty pleasure! Plus, don't you wish you were in the music video?

7 Stay the Night

Featuring: Zedd and Hayley Williams
Okay, now you can recover the brain cells you just lost! This song, paired with the music video, is so brilliant and artistic! Zedd's musicianship is breathtaking, and Hayley's voice is pure and mesmerizing! You're sure to love this collab!

2015 hasn't failed to impress me musically! That's why I know there are so many other great mashups and collaborations released this year that you've loved! Which were your favorites?

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Hahaha I can't stop laughing sorry I was out with some trash the other day and I heard plus saw two small girls not a day over 5 singing bang bang plus dancing it. I was just thinking to myself oh God how the world has changed since I was that age. Anyways. Have a nice weekend people :)

I guess choices have to do with age, I would never choose any of these songs.

Oh crud I got bang bang stuck in my head now!


Bad Blood and Worth It are my favorites. But I don't usually listen to mainstream music

Hm. I liked Bad Blood. But I usually listen to older music, rock. Can't stand some of the messages that "artists" these days send. But some of these are good songs-Sam Smith's Stay With Me is lovely.

I loved Bang Bang and Stay With Me is lovely - but I really don't listen to mainstream music much anymore so I live in my older music these days ;)

Love Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth

But I love stay with me!

Five is good

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