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17 Twitter Reactions to Lemonade Every Beyonce Fan Must See ...

By Lyndsie

I'mna keep this short and sweet. I'm not writing about #Lemonade because it is not my story and it is not my place. I am listening to and learning from #Lemonade, but I'm not digging in deep or spouting off a review. I am also thoroughly enjoying Twitter's reaction to it – even now, yep. Join me, please. Have an Arnold Palmer, relax, and giggle for a minute.

1 An Arnold Palmer Night

If you watch #Lemonade and then immediately watch an Ice-T movie, you've had what we like to call an "Arnold Palmer night"
— Max Dylan Ash (@mynameisntdave)

Well, when you think about it, all the tea mixed into #Lemonade makes it an Arnold Palmer kind of message. I'm just saying.

2 At Least You Have an Awesome Song to Listen to

When you find out your getting a divorce through #Lemonade but the songs kinda rock
— miss floppington (@gossipgriII)

I can't stop wondering what Jay Z thought the first time he heard the album, especially “Sorry.”

3 Live! with Kelly and Kermit

Patiently waiting for Kelly Ripa to make a #Lemonade album about Michael Strahan
— Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr)

At this point, I could actually see her doing this, or at least making some kind of #Lemonade reference.

4 No Red Lobster

No Red Lobster I snorted.

5 Pretty Directly, Yeah

Jay Z: so how does it start?

Beyoncé: well first I'm going to throw shade pretty directly at you
— Will Miles (@MrWillMiles)

I mean, make no mistake or anything.

6 Yep

Yep To be honest, there are verses that make ME want to ask Bey for permission for everything forever.

7 That Look

That Look Hahahahaha! I love this look! It is beautiful.

8 Duck and Cover

Duck and Cover Cookie knows. SHE KNOWS.

9 Let's Have a Moment of Eye Contact

Made brief meaningful eye contact with every lady I passed on my run today like "Lemonade? Lemonade."
— Sara Schaefer (@saraschaefer1)

I get it. I kind of want to proselytize. I want to share Lemonade with those unfortunate souls who have not experienced or do not appreciate Lemonade.

10 Becky with the Good Hair

Becky with the good hair
— Jessie (@NicCageMatch)

I am never ever ever going to get tired of this joke.

11 Bey for Veep

"I too have a cheating husband & know a Becky with the good hair"
— Dr. NoRubber (@BmoreNigerian)

Hillary knows, Bey. She knows.

12 That Bat, Though

The bat is called hot sauce. THE BAT IS CALLED HOT SAUCE. #LEMONADE #slay
— shonda rhimes (@shondarhimes)


13 RUN

Man: She texted me 3 lemons


Man: But what does it me--

— Danielle Henderson (@knottyyarn)

No, seriously. Run now and run far. You run as if hell was after you. OR HOT SAUCE.

14 He's Performance Art

He's Performance Art At this point, that's entirely possible.

15 Views from the Couch

Views from the Couch HAHAHAHA!

16 Type L, Doc

Type L, Doc #Lemonade EVERY DAY, DOCTOR.

17 Oh, Monica

Oh, Monica This was priceless. I admire Monica, honestly, she keeps her wit sharp.

What did you think of #Lemonade?

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