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7 Most Inspirational Eminem Songs for when You're Feeling Low ...

By Holly

If you’re a fan of rap, you’re already aware that there are plenty of inspirational Eminem songs. Whether or not you’re a fan of him, you have to admit that he’s talented. He’s been around for years, and he’s recently released another new album. If you're looking for old tunes to play, try some of these inspirational Eminem songs.

1 Not Afraid

This is one of the inspirational Eminem songs that you might have heard. He sings about beating his drug addiction, and how anyone can do the same thing that he did. He doesn‘t let anything stop him from achieving his goals: “I’mma be what I set out to be, without a doubt, undoubtably.” He tells his fans that he’s there for them, and that they’re not alone in their struggle.

2 Mockingbird

Eminem wrote this song for his daughter. He speaks to her, telling her that all he’s ever wanted to do was create a good life for her. He tells her that he’s always going to be there for her, even if he isn’t with her in person. He explains how difficult his life has been, and how hard he’s tried to provide for her. If you’re struggling financially, this song can help you cope with your situation.

3 Beautiful

This song has some admittedly cliche lines, but it gets its point across. Eminem speaks about how everyone has to deal with their own form of pain, and that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It’s a song that anyone who has ever felt alone can relate to. Over the course of the song, he finds the strength to get through his depression. If you’ve never heard it, go give it a listen.

4 Going through Changes

Eminem talks about how much he’s hated what he’s become. He wonders why he hasn’t changed for the better. He says, “I am finally realizing I need help. I can’t do it myself.” If you know that you need to change your life, then you’ll appreciate this song. It can help give you the strength to overcome your demons.

5 Hailie’s Song

This rap is all about Hailie, the most important person in Eminem’s life. His daughter helps him get through his toughest moments. Whenever he feels stressed, he remembers that he has his baby girl. This song is a reminder that one person can make a world of difference. You need to appreciate the people in your life that love you, because they can bring you unlimited happiness.

6 Rock Bottom

This song is about poverty and unemployment. If you have trouble paying the bills, you’ll know what Eminem is talking about. He claims that money brainwashes you, and that stealing is ‘rock bottom.’ He says that society forces people to focus on money so much that they do deceitful things to earn money. His overall message is that you need to provide for your family by finding a job and obeying the law.

7 Cinderella Man

This song is about being the underdog. Eminem says that he’s happy to be alive, and that he’s going to make the most of the time he has. Even though he’s made mistakes in the past, he’s ready to fix them. Not only does this song have inspirational lyrics, but it has a catchy tune. You’ll be singing it all day.

If you’re not a fan of Eminem, you have to look past his cursing and focus on the meaning behind his songs. He’s written amazing lyrics that can help you through any situation. What’s your favorite one of his songs?

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