2. The Beatles

Not long after Elvis Presley Pandemonium came Beatlemania. The Beatles are the most famous English rock band and arguably the most famous band of all time. They are regarded as the most influential band of the rock nā€™ roll era. Not only are they the best-selling band in the United States and hold the record for the most consecutive number 1 hits (20), they are the best selling band in history. They brought over a new rock sound to the United States and were also one of the first bands to really experiment lyrically. The Beatles are the epitome of originality and creativity. They were much more than just a music group; they started a revolution. Their musical impact was great, but their cultural impact was even greater. They were social activists through their music and fueled many movements throughout the course of their career. The Beatles are also credited with innovating the modern music video. The Beatles made music much more than a listening experience, they made it a lifestyle.

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