7 Amazing Concerts You Need to See in Your Lifetime ...


Everyone loves to go to concerts, and everyone’s seen some amazing concerts in their lifetime. However, there are definitely a few concerts you need to see in your lifetime. Whether it’s your favorite childhood band or simply your favorite singer, we all have a list of concerts we want to see at some point. This list may just give you a few more amazing concerts to add to your list!

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Your Favorite Childhood Musician

Your Favorite Childhood Musician You probably didn’t get to see your favorite childhood musician when you were growing up for various reasons. In fact, even if you did get to see them, you probably don’t remember much of it. If your favorite singers from your childhood come to town, make a point to go see them. Who knows when they’ll be back again? It will be one of the most amazing concerts you go to. Who doesn’t love a little bit of nostalgia?



Beyoncé Beyoncé is personally on my list of concerts I need to see in my lifetime. She’s rocked every television performance we’ve ever seen. My mind is still blown over her Super Bowl performance from last year. I’ve only heard even better things about her concerts. Everyone loves Beyoncé, so everyone needs to see her in concert.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift I may be a little biased, but Taylor Swift concerts are basically works of art. They’re a mix of concert and Broadway show. They’re so elaborate, and of course she does an amazing job with the concert as a whole. If you haven’t had a chance to see her in concert yet, make some time. You will be converted to a Taylor Swift fan if you aren’t one already, trust me.


A Music Festival

A Music Festival There’s no excuse to skip a music festival during the summertime. It seems like there’s a new music festival to check out every week during the summer. If you can make a music festival or two fit with your schedule this summer, they’re definitely worth checking out!


An Acoustic Set

An Acoustic Set Acoustic sets are fun, but acoustic sets in huge venues are even better. Ed Sheeran is the perfect example of an act who’s best at acoustic sets in huge venues. He doesn’t have a backup band, just an acoustic guitar, yet he’s playing huge arenas and stadiums. This fall he played an entire acoustic set at Madison Square Garden. If you haven’t seen an acoustic set in a big venue, you need to check one out! They’re mind-blowing.


Your Favorite Band

Your Favorite Band If you have the opportunity to see your favorite band in concert, see them. Bands are tricky because you never know when they might break up. Take this for example: I had the opportunity to see the Jonas Brothers in concert this summer. They were my favorite band during my teenage years. They had tour plans and a new album in the works. I went to the concert and had a blast. A few months later, they broke up. You never know when it could be your favorite band’s last tour, so if you can go, don’t pass up the opportunity!


Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Once again, I may be a little biased when it comes to Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen was my first concert, and even though he was fifty-five at the time, it was one of the greatest concerts I’ve been to, to this day. Even though he’s not in his prime anymore, he puts on amazing concerts. He’s a must-see if you haven’t seen him.

Concerts offer the perfect opportunity to have a fantastic time while enjoying the music you love. Who's on your must-see concert list? Let us know your favorites!

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I'm older than most on this site but I was lucky to catch Bette Midler as a young fan and later in Chicago! Same with Cher, Neil Diamond ? Kenny Rogers & Kenny

"There is no excuse to skip music festival" what about the fact that majority there is just waisted from drugs and everyone does not care about rubbish?

I'd go to to the grand ole opry before going to listen to a girl document her lovers through songs haha

Breathe Carolina! OMG so much fun. If you have a chance to get VIP to be on stage DO IT. David is so sweet.

Sorry I meant Glenn Campbell. Those concerts with these fabulous talents will always remain as some of the best memories of my life. Cher & Bette go all out & it's always a surprise what they will say or do in a live venue!!

Beyoncé was my first concert ever and I didn't care much for her before but after that concert I became obsessed with her!! She is an AMAZING live performer, definitely the best concert I've ever been to hands down. No topping the queen


I'm going to osheaga for the whole weekend! :D

The Jonas Brothers were my first band love, but I was never allowed to attend their concerts when I was younger, and now they've broken up.

Oh my gosh I used to be OBSESSED with the Jonas Brother's too since the moment I heard their first song. I used to think Nick was the cutest guy ever hahaha. Ah.

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