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When you're having one of those days that makes you want to spend the rest of your life living under your duvet, listening to uplifting songs can be a real soul saver. Now, we all have completely subjective versions of what makes uplifting songs uplifting. I've been told that some of mine are just downright depressing lyrics wise. Many have also been covered to hell and back, which means there are several versions you can enjoy.

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Boys of Summer

This is one of those uplifting songs that has been covered quite a bit. The original was sung by Don Henley, but my favorite version is by The Ataris. The line "Those days are gone forever" is a little on the sad side. Still, there is an underlying optimism to this song. It's a great track to remind you of years gone by.



Okay, this is one of those songs I was talking about. The one that is really a little bit depressing. Despite this, I actually feel quite positive after listening to it. The original was by Leonard Cohen, but my favorite version is by Jeff Buckley. There is also a great version by a singer named Katie Vogel.


Hey Jude

I practically love ALL of The Beatles' songs, but 'Hey Jude' is probably my favorite. At the time of its release, it was the fastest selling debut release for a record label. It is all about taking sadness and turning it into something positive. I don't watch Glee, but I do enjoy the version that was on it! Sadly, The Beatles aren't on Spotify, but I am pretty sure the Paul McCartney version is.


We Are Young

Okay, I am taking my head out of the 20th century and coming into the 21st. 'We Are Young' is all about owning your mistakes, getting over it, and then going out and having more fun anyway. I have to admit, I am not a fan of Fun's other songs. This one, however, remains firmly on my uplifting list. I just can't seem to tire it out!


Sex on Fire

Kings of Leon were one of the first bands I saw live. It was at a festival, and before then, I hadn't taken much of an interest in them. Sadly, this festival was before 'Sex on Fire.' People here in the UK loved it so much it lasted almost an entire year on the Top 40. As well as being a massive 'Sex on Fire' fan, I love 'Back Down South.'


Mr Brightside

Yeah, it's all about cheating. So it is sort of sad. But I never feel sad when I listen to 'Mr. Brightside,' ever. I have seen The Killers perform this one live, and it was amazing. Apparently by 2010, this was the most listened to track of the 21st-century!


Nuvole Bianche

While indie and rock are my first loves, classic is my close second. Einaudi is right at the top of my list when it comes to artists. 'Nuvole Bianche' has really been used a lot in TV shows and movies here. In parts it feels a bit sad, but after listening to it I always feel relaxed. Another great one from Einaudi is 'Burning.' I'd absolutely LOVE to see him live.

I love music. There has never been a time when the Top 40 hasn't featured a song that makes me feel happy. Usually I tire those ones out, though, but the ones in this list never bore me. If you have an uplifting song you enjoy, please share it! I'm always looking to broaden my musical horizons. One area where I am really lacking is country, so maybe I can explore country artists more in 2014.

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Love the Beatles and their song Hey Jude Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Heyy Judee

Treasure by Bruno Mars, thank you by mkto, classic by mkto, and best day of my life by American authors

I also loooove Rescue by Yuma, it's kind of alternative pop!

Boulevard of broken dreams by green day :)

Yes to 4,5,6

@Lily, um who cares what you have to say lmao obviously have no taste if you think the Beatles are bad the best band ever that changed history

Check out Better Things by The Kinks!

Safe & Sound by The Capital Cities !

# 4 ,5,6

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