7 Uplifting Songs to Listen to when You Are in a Bad Mood ...

When you're having one of those days that makes you want to spend the rest of your life living under your duvet, listening to uplifting songs can be a real soul saver. Now, we all have completely subjective versions of what makes uplifting songs uplifting. I've been told that some of mine are just downright depressing lyrics wise. Many have also been covered to hell and back, which means there are several versions you can enjoy.

1. Boys of Summer

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This is one of those uplifting songs that has been covered quite a bit. The original was sung by Don Henley, but my favorite version is by The Ataris. The line "Those days are gone forever" is a little on the sad side. Still, there is an underlying optimism to this song. It's a great track to remind you of years gone by.

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