7 Amazing Live Performances by Half Moon Run ...

I was recently introduced to their music and now I can't get enough of watching these performances by Half Moon Run! They're incredibly talented. They give new meaning to a band, where they create every sound on stage themselves. They play multiple instruments simultaneously and still put on a stellar show. Check out these performances by Half Moon Run. Trust me, you'll be impressed.

1. "Call Me in the Afternoon"

This was the first performance I saw of the band. I was totally blown away. First off, Devon (lead singer) has an awesome voice. It's sounds so good paired with Conor's voice. Did you notice how many instruments are in the room?! They play them all and never miss a beat. It doesn't hurt that this is a super catchy tune either. One of my favorite performances by Half Moon Run!

2. "Nerve"

This song is a ballad and still, it's just as catchy as "Call Me In The Afternoon". The lyrics are really powerful. No, really, play it back and just listen to the lyrics. I did that, repetitively. The band always delivers a powerful song and the bonus is the melody that comes with it. I love this one!

3. "Full Circle"

I love this song. You should probably get used to me saying that because if you couldn't already tell, I love all of their songs! This one has more of an edgier vibe with the lyrics but the melody still makes it feel super mellow. Crazy how that works, right? I mean, tell me I'm not the only one who notices the man playing the drums AND keyboard at the same time?! Crazy talent.

4. "Unofferable"

This is the kind of song that you lay in bed, put your headphones in, close your eyes, and drift away. If you don't believe me, try it. This song just takes you away somewhere because of the lyrics. They're so beautiful and powerful. The harmonica part that Conor plays? Seriously, I can't get enough.

5. "Drug You"

I love this video because it's concert footage. You can see the band just get lost in the music while performing. I also love that you can hear the fans in the background, getting into it too. My favorite concert crowd is the one who welcomes the band with cheers but respects the art of the music and doesn't overpower their sound. Does that make sense?

6. "She Wants to Know"

The band performed this song at the first CBC Music Festival at Echo Beach in Toronto! All I know is that if they're on next year's lineup, I'm up for the road trip! Any one care to join me? This is an incredible song and an even more incredible performance! I love watching Devon and Conor sing because they always look like they're having a blast on stage. That's how it should always be!

7. "21 Gun Salute"

This is another performance from the CBC Music Festival! I love how hauntingly beautiful the beginning of the song is. What can I say? This excellent performance is nothing short of brilliant.

There you have it! These performances are sure to make you into a fan if you weren't already. If you already were, how did you hear about the band? What's your favorite song? I'd love to hear it!