9 YouTube Singing Sensations Who Deserve More Praise ...


YouTube singing sensations are seemingly popping up constantly these days. Everyone has their favorites, but there are definitely a few out there who deserve a little more praise. If you’re looking for some new favorite YouTube singing sensations, you’ve come to the right place. Whether they’re bigger names or lesser known, you’ll definitely find your new favorite artist on this list!

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Megan and Liz

Watch here:

What started as a hobby became a career for Megan and Liz. They have seamlessly made the transition from YouTube singing sensations in their kitchen to recording artists in Los Angeles. If you love their covers, you’ll also love their singles. In fact, you’ve probably heard them and haven’t even realized it!


Lennon and Maisy

Watch here:

Who hasn’t heard of Lennon and Maisy? They singlehandedly turned the Cups song into a craze that swept the nation, and they’re not even teenagers yet. You might not know, though, that they’re now on ABC’s Nashville. If you’re a fan of their YouTube videos, you might want to check them out on this hit show as well!


Before You Exit

Watch here:

Before You Exit puts some of the greatest covers on YouTube, in my humble opinion. They do insane mashups, as well as stripped down covers that will leave you in awe. Their original songs are amazing as well, but my personal favorite is their cover of When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for!


Justin Salvanera

Watch here:

Justin Salvanera isn’t very well known yet in terms of YouTube singers, but he should be. His stripped down, acoustic covers are unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. His voice will enchant you and keep you tuned in for hours on end like it was merely minutes!


Tori Kelly

Watch here:

Tori Kelly isn’t exactly lesser known; in fact she’s slowly but surely taking over the world. You’ve probably heard her music, even if you don’t realize you have. I found her, like many others, through her Suit and Tie cover. If you haven’t heard it yet, I suggest you put the rest of your life on pause and watch it right now. It’s magical.


Skylar Dayne

Watch here:

Skylar Dayne is only sixteen but has attracted a following that people dream of. She has a unique voice paired with her ability to play basically any instrument that will get you hooked on her covers. She hasn’t put up much lately, so here’s hoping she comes back with her enormous talent soon!


Lewis Watson

Watch here:

Lewis Watson didn't put many covers on YouTube. The covers that did end up there though attracted a sizeable audience that stuck around and led to his flourishing career as an artist. He’s touring all over the world, and with good reason. His original songs are insanely good. He’s often described as a young Ed Sheeran, so if you’re a fan of Ed you will surely be a fan of Lewis Watson.



Watch here:

Nearly every Paint video has gone viral, so you’ve probably seen at least one of his videos before. He’s somehow a one-man a capella group and does a fantastic job at it. He doesn’t put up videos very often, but when he does he stuns the world, which is why he has an audience of nearly 1.6 million subscribers.


Miranda Sings

Watch here:

Miranda Sings is undoubtedly one of the greatest singers on YouTube. She’s nearly flawless, and her videos definitely showcase that. If you’re not so much a fan of Miranda, you may want to check out her friend Colleen instead. They’re both pretty wonderful, but I think we can all agree that Miranda is especially wonderful.

Who's your favorite YouTube singer? I'm always looking for new YouTube artists to check out!

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Laura zocca!!!

Madilyn Bailey!

Walk off the earth

Hey, please check out my youtube, i write my own songs, but i also have a few covers too! Some of them include A Thousand Years (Christina Perri), Firestarter (Samantha Jade), and Make You Feel My Love (Adele).

My favorites were definitely Justin and Paint! :)

I'm starting some YouTube covers :)

what about Niykee Heaton

Megan and Liz

I feel like Cimorelli should be in this list too


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