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A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a USB full of music that he wanted me to download, and on that USB were a few Switchfoot songs. The band sounded familiar to me, and even though I didn't know anything about Switchfoot, I instantly fell in love with their sound. Their music overflows with some of the most beautiful, poetic, and inspiring lyrics that I've ever come across. If you like to listen to music that makes you think, with lyrics that you can contemplate and interpret, I highly suggest that you listen to a few Switchfoot songs! Here is a list of my particular favorites that have inspired me in so many ways over the years.

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Meant to Live

Meant to Live On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
This was one of the first Switchfoot songs that I ever heard and to this day, I still find it striking. It causes me to think about my lifestyle, the choices that I've made, and my desires. This song is all about wanting more than a mundane, humdrum life. If you feel like you're at a bit of a standstill, I highly recommend this song to you! Full of lyrics that illustrate the yearning for "more than this world's got to offer," the song "Meant to Live" will inspire you challenge the status-quo and search for adventure or purpose in your life.



Golden On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
For those days when you are feeling down on yourself, give this song a listen and let the lead singer's (Jon Foreman's) beautiful voice assure you that you truly are "golden." Everyone has days when they doubt themselves because of what peers, the media, and society tell them they're supposed to be. In this fast-paced, demanding world, it's easy to forget just how beautiful and worthwhile you are. You're not just "another so-and-so." You're golden!


Hello Hurricane

Hello Hurricane On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
If you're looking for a song about facing challenges in your life, you should definitely give this one a listen! "Hello Hurricane" is teeming with melodies and lyrics that empower. Everyone deals with their own "hurricanes," whether it's trouble at work, relationship troubles, financial troubles, etc. Whatever my dilemmas may be that cause me to feel like my world is spiraling out of control, the talented Mr. Foreman has taught me that I'm passionate and strong enough to fight against the storms in my life. Welcoming your hurricanes with an optimistic "hello" can reassure you that you are powerful enough to face them!


I Dare You to Move

I Dare You to Move On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
No Switchfoot song list is complete without "I Dare You to Move," one of their more popular and beloved hits! This song is all about moving forward from your past and "lifting yourself up off the floor." "I Dare You to Move" serves as a reminder that no matter what bad decisions are haunting you, it's possible to forgive yourself. You have the choice to be either "who you are [or] who you could be." Literally daring you to move forward, this song will inspire you to become a better you!


Blinding Light

Blinding Light On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
Similar to "Golden," this song encourages its listeners to stay true to themselves and not fall prey to the money-hungry media. According to Jon, "we're a nation that eats our youth." One of my favorite lines in this song is directed towards girls and women in which the singer tells you that "your skin's more than a pin-up suit." I find these lyrics to be so refreshing after hearing my car radio flood with songs about physically beautiful and objectified women. This song is especially encouraging because while the band is an all-male group, they help inspire women to be themselves and sincerely remind us that we are all beautiful and valuable no matter what.


Love Alone is Worth the Fight

Love Alone is Worth the Fight On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
From Switchfoot's most recent album, this song absolutely sparkles with exhilarating and inspirational lyrics. The title, "Love Alone is Worth the Fight," speaks for itself, explaining that the chance at love is always worth fighting for, even if you have to face obstacles that intimidate you. This song encourages you to "find what [you're] made of" by facing your fears and risking everything for the people that you love. One of my favorite lines in this song is: "Let's go headed down the open road unknown." A classic Switchfoot theme, I love the idea of taking the road less traveled, exploring, and discovering!


Needle and Haystack Life

Needle and Haystack Life On iTunes at: itunes.apple.com
This stirring song analogizes a needle in a haystack to a human in the world. I interpret "Needle and Haystack Life" as encouraging you to consider the absolute miracle of you being alive on this planet, "breathing in the highs and lows." This song reminds me that I only have a lifetime on earth, but it also inspires me to make the most of that time. It also causes me to consider the other miracles in my life: the people I know and love. I'm a "needle girl in a haystack world!"

Switchfoot has been an incredibly positive influence in my life. Are you interested in giving any of these songs a listen? Which one speaks to you the most? Do you have a band whose music inspires you?

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they're great, I also love learning to breathe. Such an amazing song

switchfoot has always been a childhood favorite, such a positive, Christian band. their concerts are great also!

they are a Christian band....... these are songs about how god can give meaning to your life.... not so much finding self worth as find Jesus.

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