7 Songs about Cheating That Will Help You Heal ...


There are hundreds of songs about cheating that can help you get over your ex. No one wants to feel like they’re alone. Hearing someone sing about the same feelings that you’re going through can help you heal. These songs about cheating may make you cry, but they’ll also make you realize that strong, beautiful women have gone through the same situation as you.

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Bust Your Windows by Jazmine Sullivan

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Instead of acting on your anger, you can listen to songs about cheating and share your rage with the singer. Believe it or not, it can help you feel better. Revenge is something that everyone craves at some point, so don’t feel guilty over your feelings. Of course, never actually act on the violent thoughts you're having. As Jazmine says, “It didn’t mend my broken heart.”


Should’ve Said No by Taylor Swift

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Whether or not you‘re a fan of Taylor Swift, you have to admit that she has some relatable lyrics. She sings about getting cheated on and asks herself questions that are common in her situation: “Was it worth it? Was she worth it?” This is a song that will make you cry,


Karma by Alicia Keys

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This song acts as a reminder that your ex will get what he deserves. He already lost you, and he’s not going to go far in life as a liar and cheater. You don’t have to worry about getting your revenge on him, because life will give him what he deserves. You can’t treat others poorly and expect life to treat you well.


Cheatercheaterbestfriendeater by Never Shout Never

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Girls aren’t the only ones who get cheated on. This song is about a guy who refuses to get back together with the girl that was unfaithful to him. She keeps trying to contact him, but he won’t answer her. He doesn’t feel bad about leaving her because he knows what she did was wrong. Why allow a cheater to remain in your life?


Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

Everyone knows this song about destroying an ex-boyfriend’s car. Carrie mixes seriousness with humor in her lyrics. When listening, you might want to have a punching bag nearby. Damaging a car could get you in jail, but there's nothing wrong with punching a pillow.


It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This song makes fun of the lame excuses that men give. Even when a woman catches him in the act, the singer continues to deny cheating on her. It shows the length men will go to to get away with their unfaithfulness. If you’re ready to laugh at how pathetic people can be, blast this song. It’ll put you in good spirits.


Say My Name by Destiny’s Child

On iTunes: itunes.apple.com

This song is about a girl who is suspicious of her boyfriend. She wonders if he’s cheating, and wants nothing to do with him if he’s with another girl. She knows what she deserves, and demands to be treated like a princess. She won’t waste her time with a guy who won’t be honest with her. This song shows that you should never settle for less than you deserve.

Listening to music that coincides with your situation can help you make it through your days. Have you ever been cheated on? How did you get over him?

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Seventy times 7- Brand New

Like the way I do - Melissa Etheridge

Gonna get over you- Sara Bareilles

You Oughta Know...Irreplaceable....

Omg it really works i feel like a butterfly

It's not right but it's okay- Whitney Houston

Never Again - Kelly Clarkson

You suck at love by simple plan

Cheating - John Newman

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