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Over the years, I’ve compiled a personal list of what I feel to be the best music videos to watch when I’m in need of a pick me up. There’s a certain kind of style to these videos. They don’t look too fabricated, they look fun, like you’re just stepping into a fun and happy time! There’s a very natural and relatable feel to these videos that make me just want to step into them! Here’s my list of the 9 best music videos to watch to life your mood!

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Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

Probably one of the greatest pop songs ever recorded (in my opinion,) this song always manages to make me sing along with it. If you’re going on a road trip, or just waiting to go to the beach, this is one of the best music videos to watch to get you amped up for your day. Not only will the song get you singing along with it, watching the video will make you want to throw all caution to the wind and just go out and have fun! A fun fact about this video is that all the people that were in it – minus the guy who plays her love interest – are some of Katy’s closest friends. Because when you’re out with your friends, anything can happen, and you know you’ll have tons of fun along the way!


Hit the Lights – Selena Gomez

Out of all of Selena’s songs, this is the one I love the most, and that’s mostly due to how awesome this video is. The song just motivates you to let go of your fears and just live your life! It’s one of the best music videos to watch anytime you’re feeling a little bit down on yourself. Every time I listen to this song, it reminds me not to take life so seriously. Often times we’re the ones that are getting in our own way of being happy; we overthink, we worry, and we dwell on the past, even though we know there’s nothing we can do about it! So go out, grab some friends, grab the love of your life, and have a little bit of fun tonight and just let loose!


On Our Way – the Royal Concept

This song is infectious, and the video is even more fun! You know how sometimes you have one of those perfect summer days? The sun is shining, you don’t plan anything special, and somehow it ends up being one of the most memorable days ever? This is without a doubt one of the best music videos to watch if you know what feeling I’m talking about! It captures seemingly ordinary kids just having a whole ton of fun.It's complete with pool parties, road trips, campfires, sparklers and everything that’s always part of a super fun night, so go on, blast this song and watch the video!


Cheers (Drink to That)– Rihanna

The reason I think this is one of the best music videos to watch is because I love that we get to see little snippets of what Rihanna’s life is like. It shows us the craziness of her tour, the people closest to her in her life, but also her private side. The world we live in can get a little crazy sometimes, and there are highs and lows and everything in between. But through it all, as long as we have a good support system around us, a place we can go to just to get away from the stress (luckily for RiRi that’s Barbados), and a whole lot of love, we’re in good hands. Sometimes, all we need is a little reminder of that!


I like How It Feels – Enrique Iglesias

Enrique has a way of getting me into this happy, carefree mood. I don’t know if it’s his music, the videos, or just his accent. Either way, one of the best music videos to watch is this lovely video he did with Pitbull. Just like Rihanna’s video for Cheers, this is a perfect mixture of his personal, professional, and all around awesome life. It makes you just happy to be alive! The world is such a big and beautiful place; amidst all the craziness there are moments of calm, amazing people that we meet along the way. Plus, I’ve never seen footage of him and Pitbull before, and their bromance is kind of adorable!


Wavin’ Flag – K’naan

This song is so fun and inspirational. It's one of the best music videos to watch when you want to feel uplifted. The song itself is not only great fun, but it's also all about promoting world unity. The music video does a wonderful job in capturing that feeling. You know the one I'm talking about - when a collective group of people come together to support one cause, or one thing they all love. In the case of this video, that one thing is soccer! So go on, put your hands up and sing along!


I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

If you’re going out, hands down this is the best music video to watch to just get you in the mood. This video gets you pumped up in a way only the Black Eyed Peas can. It makes you want to get dolled up, do something a little crazy, maybe dip your hand in some florescent paint, and it can even make you feel cool about showing up to a party in a Prius. Plus, you know you’ll be singing along with this song. It's hard to believe this came out in 2009, crazy how time passes right? It hardly matters, because this song is still so fresh sounding, it’s bound to put you in a good mood!


You Make Me Feel - Cobra Starship Feat. Sabi

The reason this is one of the best music videos to watch to lift your mood? Because it does just that. It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s cute, it’s got a little love story going on, and we can all relate to having tons of fun in a photobooth!


Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

Remember how at the beginning of this article I said that for me, the best music videos to watch are the ones that make me want to be in them? Well let me ask you this, what girl would not want the love of her life sitting on a couch, looking at her, telling her just how much he loves her, just the way she is? None. So watch this beautiful video with a beautiful message, and just smile!

Music videos do this wonderful thing of adding a new dimension to your favourite songs. They can put you in a completely different world, they can make you happy, make you sad, make you laugh, and make you cry. The best ones are the videos that put a smile on our face! So tell me, what are some of your favourite music videos to watch when you’re feeling down?

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Meh not feeling these. Any Matt and Kim video I love lessons learned

Every single Song would not play on my phone. It is frustrating considering how much I travel and use these devices.

Cheers. Love this article.

Best Song Ever


The music vids. Never. Work.

Everyday by Dave Matthews. Best pick me up video ever.

I feel like dancing by all time low, it's legit the best music video ever

Brave - Sarah Bareilles

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