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Due to their incredibly honest and insightful words, many of the songs by Mumford & Sons have been well received. Hailing from the UK, this indie/folk band has won over audiences everywhere with their down to earth nature and highly enjoyable albums. I can't be the only person who is sad and can barely function after the announcement that they are currently on a hiatus. In any event, if you want in on all of this magnificent music, grab a few tissues and get ready to bawl because these are just a few phenomenal songs by Mumford & Sons that are definitely worth checking out; I guarantee that these spot on gems will do more than just hold you over.

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White Blank Page

As one of the first songs by Mumford & Sons that I was introduced to, the depth and meaning behind "White Blank Page" is quite humbling. The instrumentals on this track are just as powerful as the lyrics. I feel that each member (Marcus Mumford, Ben Lovett, Winston Marshall and Ted Dwane) of the band brings a certain element to the plate.


Little Lion Man

I always find myself singing along to this track in the "Just Dance" video game series because of its incredibly catchy hook and amazing melody. It's hard not to be fully emerged when they make music as great as this. All you have to do is listen to one minute of the song and watch as your feet start to move out of their own accord.


I Gave You All

During the summer, I used to play this song at least four times every morning (which shows how much of a fiend I truly am). Just hearing Marcus Mumford belt out his lines with utter intensity as Lovett, Marshall and Dwane rock out on their respective instruments never fails to get my blood rushing.


Lover of the Light

The music video for this lovely song incorporates two of my favorite things: Mumford & Sons and the beautiful Idris Elba. I like to pretend that Mr. Elba was chosen as the lead actor in this video for me. A girl can dream, right?


Broken Crown

The sharp lines in "Broken Crown" never cease to grab my attention. Even after it ends, I can never fully get the song out of my head. In my opinion, that only further proves how much they deserve all of the fame, respect and support that they've garnered.


Lovers' Eyes

For some inexplicable reason, I can't help but jump around whenever "Lovers' Eyes" comes on the radio. A feeling of euphoria always manages to come over me as I listen to the deep sentiment embedded in this wonderfully composed song.


The Cave

This just may be one of the most popular songs penned by this talented band. "The Cave" certainly hints at everything that their debut album "Sigh No More" has to offer. I definitely suggest checking this song out to get a feel of the overall album.


Hopeless Wanderer

After watching the hilarious music video featuring comedians Ed Helms, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Will Forte, I swear that I couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes straight. Putting that aside, "Hopeless Wanderer" is a wonderful song and I'm glad that they chose it as a single as it will now be much easier for people to hear the beauty behind the song.


I Will Wait

Every time I hear this song, I catch myself smiling because of how heartfelt the words sound. I would love to play this at my wedding one day because I feel that it truly encompasses what love is all about. "I Will Wait" cements the fact that their music will be around for a long time and will transcend the indie and folk genre, hiatus or not.


After the Storm

As one of Mumford & Sons lesser known tracks, "After the Storm" can definitely hold its on amongst their more popular hits. I love that the further the song progresses, the more you hear and feel the conviction in this flawless tune.


Whispers in the Dark

Lastly, this song really gets to me every time I play it. There's something about the honesty in both the lyrics and the instrumentation that makes me feel overwhelmed by it. "Whispers in the Dark" reminds me why I fell in love with their sound.

There is no way to make a list of fantastic Mumford & Sons songs without having to fight the urge to include all of them. I am anxiously awaiting new music so that I can fall in love with even more catchy tunes. What are some of your favorite songs by Mumford & Sons? Have any of you ever gotten the chance to see them perform live?

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So talented! The bonus is that they are hot too!

I love this!! But honestly all their songs are amazing and catchy!!

This is amazing! Pretty much just sums up everything I love about them and their songs and more!!!!


This changed my whole day. White blank page and I gave you all... On repeat ...<3

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