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Because of her phenomenal singing skills and philanthropy, I am always excited at the prospect of jamming to the hit Katy Perry singles that are on replay everyday. This talented songtress is no stranger to the pop music industry. She's always one step ahead and always manages to dish out a catchy tune at least three times a year, something that I am certainly not complaining about. These hit Katy Perry singles will offer insight on why she deserves her honorary status as the Queen of Pop.

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Starting off this list of hit Katy Perry Singles is one of the most popular songs of last summer. I was fortunate enough to see her sing this live under the Brooklyn Bridge as a part of the closing 2013 VMA performance. It was such a wonderful experience getting the chance to finally hear her lovely voice, as I've been a fan for years. With phenomenal dancers to back up her performance, she truly did the song justice.



This next single has steadily become my anthem. I always find myself dancing to this track in the "Just Dance" video game series because of its incredibly catchy hook and powerful lyrics. Her smooth voice certainly makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.


Part of Me

With its highly motivational lyrics and powerhouse vocals, Katy Perry's "Part of Me" raced up the music charts. This hit single couldn't have come at a better time as it inspired me to face my own personal issues head on. I still can't resist blasting this song at full volume and dancing in my pajamas. It's that good.


Teenage Dream

This just may be my favorite song of all time by Ms. Perry. I find her cheeky lyrics and energetic nature to be hugely endearing. The version recorded by singer/actor Darren Criss from the hit TV series Glee is just as beautiful, if not more heart-wrenching. Overall, this song is definitely one you have to catch.


The One That Got Away

Not only is the music video for this song quite lovely, the lyrics are incredibly deep and moving. Katy Perry's vocal range never ceases to amaze me; on this track, her ability to hit distinct notes is apparent. "The One That Got Away" is a very beautiful song that is worth listening to.


I Kissed a Girl

How could I not include the track that launched her career? "I Kissed a Girl" is considered one of her most popular hits; with its highly infectious beat and dance worthy chorus, this does not come as a surprise to me.



Lastly, I will always jam out to this song regardless of where I am or what time of day it is. E.T. certainly holds a special place in my heart. Am I the only one who loves how funky the music video turned out?

I seriously encourage you to listen to all of the hit tracks that I wasn't able to include on this list such as Hot N' Cold, California Gurls, Last Friday Night and Dark Horse (which are all currently resting at the top of my most played songs list on iTunes). Fellow KatyCats, what is your favorite song of all time by Katy Perry? Are you excited to see what music the new year will bring?

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All amazing hits by Katy love her forever

Dark horse 🐴 roar and fireworks 🎆 always inspires me!!!

KTs movie was Kool 2

I love Katy Perry but I HATE Roar.

E.T. Is my forever favorite song!

Her songs are ok, they sound very similar sometimes. Listen to "simple" by Katy perry. It's the guitar playing girl next door Katy. It's perfect. The song is catchy and fresh. And I promise you will fall in love with Katy all over again!


I'm not the biggest fan of KT. Her songs are average . The only song that is ok is " hot and cold"

I love katy perry

You cant forget hot and cold

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