7 Artists with the Best Live Performances ...


7 Artists with the Best Live Performances ...
7 Artists with the Best Live Performances ...

I have so much respect for these artists because they’re the artists with the best live performances. If you can sound like your record, or in this case even better, that’s true musicianship. There are SO many talented artists in the industry but I thought I’d focus on my top 7. This list doesn’t include any bands just because I feel like they deserve a list of their own! Check out the solo artists with the best live performances.

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Demi Lovato

This girl can sing her butt off and it always seems so effortless for her. It’s amazing how far she’s come. From ballads to her more rocker-ish sounds, her voice always sounds flawless. I’ve seen her live a couple of times and am just as blown away by her voice each time. I can’t wait to see her Neon Lights tour because she sounds better than ever on this album! She definitely earns a spot on the list of artists with the best live performances.


Christina Aguilera

Do I even need to explain why Xtina made the list?! She can sing the phonebook if she wanted to. It was really hard a picking a song to show you all, but this is still one of my favorite performances. The emotion that pours out of her when she sings this song is incredible. Seeing her live is definitely on my bucket list but she’s making it quite difficult to cross off since she never toured her Lotus album. Sigh.



Queen Bey had to make the list because, well, she’s Queen Bey. She puts on an incredible show and still manages to shine with her vocals. I love watching her acoustic stuff because she sounds so great. If you haven’t watched her documentary that aired on HBO, do it now! Check out this performance she did at Jimmy Fallon, she killed it.


Bruno Mars

Let me keep this short and simple because once I get started on Bruno, I’ll never stop. This man is one of the greatest entertainers there is. I saw him live in NJ and nearly died because of how flawless he is. But really, fan-girling aside, he really is amazing live. He sounds even better than his studio versions. Those high notes?! Wow.



All hail Adele. This woman is flawless. Why does she even go to a studio?! Seeing her live is also on my bucket list. So, Adele, PUT OUT SOME NEW MUSIC! I honestly feel like being in room and hearing her talent would be somewhat life changing. Anyone else feel that way?


Kelly Clarkson

Kelly has one of the best voices in the industry. She’s had a successful career for so many years and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Her live performances are fantastic because she manages to sound like her record, but still put in something different, like an extra run at the end of a note. She set the bar by winning the first season of American Idol and I personally feel like she’s still the most successful AI winner. She’s managed to cross over into different genres and is now a household name.


Jessie J

Jessie J is such a bad ass. She has killer stage presence and killer vocals. She opens her mouth and talent just pours out. So many people try to tackle her songs but really, not a lot of people can pull it off. She definitely has a unique voice, and sounds even better than her records.

That sums up my list of artists with the best live performances. Like I said before, I kept bands off the list because they deserve a list of their own! There are lot of musicians who sound amazing live and these 7 are definitely worth watching. Who do you think should’ve been included in the list?

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Justin bieber

Y aren't 1D here ?!

Lady Gaga!

Janelle Monae. Justin Timberlake. Lupe Fiasco. Nas. Jay Z. Maroon 5. Kanye. Kendrick Lamar. Pink. John Mayer. Alicia keys. The roots. Jill Scott. Erykah badu. (That's only what I can think of now)

You left out Springsteen! The most amazing live shows on the planet!

I totally agree with these 7 artists !!'

i really think you should've added pink to that list she's the best live performer of them all

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