7 Amazing Boy Bands We're Head over Heels in Love with ...


7 Amazing Boy Bands We're Head over Heels in Love with ...
7 Amazing Boy Bands We're Head over Heels in Love with ...

Who doesn’t love amazing boy bands? They bring out the teenage girl in all of us! Plus their moves, harmonious voices and hot looks make us melt. What would music be with a few amazing boy bands?

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B2K was definitely one of the amazing boy bands of the early 2000s. In fact, B2K stands for Boys of the New Millennium (corny, right?). B2K was a 4 member group and their genre was hip hop and R&B. Their success didn’t last long unfortunately, and the group split up after only a few years together. However, we can at least thank them for the song “Bump Bump Bump.”


98 Degrees

Before Nick Lachey became former Mr. Jessica Simpson, he, along as his brother, Drew and friends Justin and Jeff (Jeff was the hottest in my opinion) formed 98 Degrees. I wasn’t sure about their success until I did some research and found out they sold over 10 million records! In 2003 they took an extended hiatus and in 2012 reunited for a couple shows before flying under the radar again. I wonder how many more 98 Degree reunions we have to look forward to?


New Edition

Flashback to the '80s! Remember New Edition? These boys were smooth singers and had all the dance moves. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough for Bobby Brown, who left the group in 1985 to have a pretty successful solo career. The group replaced Bobby Brown with Johnny Gill but unfortunately the group was never the same without Bobby.


Boyz II Men

My personal favourite, Boyz II Men was the epitome of an R&B acappella boy band (I’m listening to "Motownphilly" as I write this). They had several chart topping records, and several awards to their name. If you doubt their success, Boyz II Men were awarded Billbord Magazine’s fourth most successful music group of the 1990s – impressive! The boys still perform together, minus member Michael McCary.


'N Sync

I’m still not sure how I feel about the name 'N Sync (that’s a nice way of saying I really hated it) but regardless of the name, they were one of the reigning boy bands of the '90s and early 2000s. 'N Sync had infectious pop songs that topped charts internationally. Sadly the group went on hiatus in 2002 but it was confirmed years later that they had broken up and would not be recording together anymore. Even though we lost 'N Sync as a whole, we gained Justin Timberlake as a solo artist, who has also had his fair share of hits!


New Kids on the Block

Or for the diehard fans, “NKOTB.” The New Kids were definitely the original “boy band” and paved the way for all the boy bands mentioned above. Girls LOVED New Kids on the Black... how could you not, with songs like "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" and "Step by Step"? Their fame was massive and their fan base was even bigger. Unfortunately, even New Kids on the Block couldn't hide from the downside of fame and their popularity started to decrease. After a failed attempt at reinventing themselves, the group broke up, only to reunite in 2008.


Backstreet Boys

NKOTB might have been one of the first boy bands but BSB is the ultimate boy band of our generation! Don’t believe me? As a group they have sold over 130 million records – they are literally one of the world’s best selling groups. They have been active as a group for 17 years (makes you feel old, right?) but are still as relevant today as they were 17 years ago and are an integral part of pop culture. I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did as long as you keep making music, Backstreet Boys.

Boy bands are a must! The boy band sensation never gets old as long as the music is right and the moves are tight! What are your favourite boy bands?

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One Direction

One direction hands down

how about Westlife?


Why there's no Westlife? :(

What about One Direction?

My friend showed me the kids on the block - they were awesome haha!

The Beatles I love them can't compare anyone to them

Love One Direction.

and one direction

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