7 of Miley Cyrus' Best Vocal Performances ...


7 of Miley Cyrus' Best Vocal Performances ...
7 of Miley Cyrus' Best Vocal Performances ...

Take a look at some of Miley Cyrus’ best vocal performances. The talented singer never fails to amaze me. She’s out there living her life and being 21, but when it comes down to performing on stage, her voice is beyond her years. She’s always had this smooth, mature sound to her and I love it! She’s had so many great performances but these are my picks for Miley Cyrus’ best vocal performances.

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“Lilac Wine”

The Backyard Sessions was my favorite part about the summer of 2012. Miley brought her band together to perform acoustic versions of her favorite songs. Her voice is so smooth in “Lilac Wine” that I can literally just have it on repeat. I think this is one of Miley Cyrus’ best vocal performances just because it was something she did for herself. You can tell that she’s so into the song and it really shows off her raw talent. P.S That note at the end is everything.


"when I Look at You” (Live on American Idol)

This is truly an incredible performance. She sang live on American Idol back in 2010 and her vocals sound epic. "When I look at you" is one of my favorite songs to belt out - no I don’t do it nearly as good as she does, but I sure like to try! The song was all I listened to when it came out. You can’t watch this video and not think she just poured her heart and soul out.


“Wrecking Ball” (Live on SNL)

I think this is the performance of the year where people stopped and said “wow, she can actually sing”. I’ve been a fan of her voice since her Disney days and I hate how people lost sight of her talent through all that’s been happening lately. Miley pours her heart out every single time she sings this song. No auto-tune, no nothing, and she sounds great. It’s really heartbreakingly beautiful.


"You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome when You Go"

In 2012, Miley participated in “Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International”. The video got nearly 10 million views, and it’s very well deserved. Her voice sounds amazing and it’s so nicely complimented by Johnzo West. Not to mention that she looks gorgeous in the video. I love everything about it.


"Summertime Sadness” (BBC Live Lounge)

When this cover came out, I couldn’t stop listening to it. She sounds amazing in it! She managed to keep the song true to its sound but still make it her own. When you watch the video, you can see her emotions pour out. Can you imagine how epic a Miley/Lana duet would sound?!


We Can’t Stop Acoustic

Anything acoustic from Miley is great. She sang an acapella version of her single, “We Can’t Stop", on Jimmy Fallon which featured Fallon himself and The Roots! She sounds great. I love this rendition of the song! Fallon even said it took her just one take to get it perfect.


The Climb

This performance gives me chills. Miley performed this song at “CNN Heroes” back in 2011. She looks fantastic and sounds even better! I love when her country twang comes out (still secretly hoping she makes a country album one day). There’s seriously no denying her talent when you watch this video. The girl has some major pipes on her.

Being a major fan of Miley, I know theres a lot more performances where she sounds amazing. However, these are seven performances that I think anyone would be impressed by. Which one is your favorite?

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