7 Artists That Made Recent Musical Comebacks ...


7 Artists That Made Recent Musical Comebacks ...
7 Artists That Made Recent Musical Comebacks ...

2013 has been the year of musical comebacks. It was super exciting to see great musicians who had been “off the radar” come back with a brand new sound. I’m a big music person, so musical comebacks are like Christmas for me! Take a look at some artists that hit it big, again, in 2013. Tell me if you agree.

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Fall out Boy

There’s no denying that Fall Out Boy had one of the biggest musical comebacks this year. Their album, “Save Rock & Roll” is flawless. I’m a massive fan of them and was so excited to see them working together. In my opinion, they sound better than ever. I can’t wait to hear more, and catch them on tour one day!



Remember Aly & AJ? The girls came back this year with new music. They’re known now as “78Violet”. They have an edgier, but still kind of mellow sound. They had two big shows this year, one in LA and one in NY where they showcased new music. I got to see them live in NYC and they killed it! I was so impressed with their vocals. I can’t wait for an album release.


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake had a huge comeback this year. He was always a big deal, but this year was really HIS year. His album “The 20/20 Experience” hit number one and was even nominated for a Grammy. Impressive, huh? Timberlake hadn’t released an album in seven years. He took his time and perfected his craft. It was well worth it!


Paul McCartney

This was a massive moment in music. His album was released in October and, of course, it’s fantastic. What else could you expect from him? He released an album in 2012 but this was the first album of new material since 2007’s Memory Almost Full. Just in case you were wondering, yes, he’s still got it.


Daft Punk

Summer of 2013 was all about Daft Punk. Their song “Get Lucky” was on the radio nonstop. Their album “Random Access Memories” peaked at number one on the Billboard 200, top digital and top electronic albums charts. It had been 8 years since their last album release! It really is mind-blowing how successful of a year they had.


Jesse McCartney

No one was as excited as I was when JMac released new music. I’ve been a fan of him for so long! When I found out he was going to be a part of Backstreet Boys’ tour, I immediately bought tickets. He was fantastic and premiered some new songs for the audience. His EP dropped earlier this month (it’s fantastic) and his full-length album is set to release in April or May! I can’t wait!


Miley Cyrus

Miley has always been our radar, but she hasn’t technically released music since 2009. She focused on films and took a break from it all. This year, she made her musical comeback. She released Bangerz, and debuted at number one. No matter what people have said about her recently, she knows what she’s doing. This girl has had massive success and it doesn’t look like she’s going anywhere anytime soon.

That sums up my list for 7 artists with recent musical comebacks. All of these are truly great musicians so I’m glad they’re back on the scene! These artists should never stop making music. Who had your favorite comeback?

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Daft Punk! But, I was waiting for a McCartney comeback too!

The Killers did too!!

Paul Mccartney's the best!!

OMG I didn't know about McCartney yay

Back Street Boys and Aaron Carter!

Britney Spears did too

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