9 Amazing Singers on YouTube That You Might Not Know about ...

There are so many fantastic singers on YouTube. Does anyone else ever get anxiety because there’s SO much talent out there and you just wanna be able to hear it all?! Just me? Hmm... Limiting this list to only 9 was pretty tough because I’m sure I’ll discover at least 10 amazing people later tonight when I get on YouTube! But, here’s 9 amazing singers on YouTube that you should definitely check out!

1. Macy Maloy

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Macy Maloy is one of my fave singers on YouTube. She’s just the cutest thing! She’s a pop singer with a country twang and writes the most amazing lyrics. This video is an original song she wrote, and I guarantee you’ll get hooked on it! She recently won Michael Kors’ karaoke contest for NYC’s Fashion Night Out and put out a great EP called “Heart Back.” Are you a new fan?

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