9 Amazing Singers on YouTube That You Might Not Know about ...


9 Amazing Singers on YouTube That You Might Not Know about ...
9 Amazing Singers on YouTube That You Might Not Know about ...

There are so many fantastic singers on YouTube. Does anyone else ever get anxiety because there’s SO much talent out there and you just wanna be able to hear it all?! Just me? Hmm... Limiting this list to only 9 was pretty tough because I’m sure I’ll discover at least 10 amazing people later tonight when I get on YouTube! But, here’s 9 amazing singers on YouTube that you should definitely check out!

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Macy Maloy

Macy Maloy is one of my fave singers on YouTube. She’s just the cutest thing! She’s a pop singer with a country twang and writes the most amazing lyrics. This video is an original song she wrote, and I guarantee you’ll get hooked on it! She recently won Michael Kors’ karaoke contest for NYC’s Fashion Night Out and put out a great EP called “Heart Back.” Are you a new fan?


Daniela Andrade

This video isn’t one of her most recent ones (which are all great), but this is my all time favorite one. I absolutely love this rendition of “Hey Ya” because it’s so different than any one else’s cover. She sounds fantastic and has a voice that you can listen to all day. If you like this, listen to her cover of Michael Buble’s “Everything.” You’ll love her!


Joey Diamond

Where do I start… I’ve been a fan of Joey Diamond for years now! He’s such a cutie and has the sweetest voice. He posts a bunch of covers and even some originals! Now, before you start falling head over heels for him, you should know he bats for the other team. Sigh. How lucky will the guy he ends up with be?! He’ll be serenaded by Joey’s voice every night (I’m so jelly). I love this cover of “Sure Thing”!


Leroy Sanchez

Listening to Leroy is definitely one of those “oh my God” moments. This cover is pretty old but it’s the one that helped me discover the magic that is Leroy Sanchez! He sang this cover of Beyonce’s “Love on Top” and said he wasn’t taking it really seriously. Are you kidding me?! I wish I sounded that good while I was just goofing around. The video got over 5 million views. How impressive is that?


Anna Burden

For those who think the “Cup Song” came from Pitch Perfect, YOU’RE WRONG! I can’t believe how many people didn’t know this amazing song before the movie came out. Anna Burden became a big YouTube sensation after she posted this video back in 2011. She got over 3 million views and got tons of people covering the song, “Anna Burden” style. I love her voice because she reminds me so much of Norah Jones. If you like this cover, listen to her sing “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5!


Hobbie Stuart

This British cutie sure knows how to rock a mash up! This was the first video of his that I saw and I’ve been hooked ever since. He sings a mashup of Rihanna’s "Diamonds" and Lana Del Rey’s “Born To Die” in this video and got over 5 mil views. Oh, and he has an accent. Sigh, that already makes me love him. If you like his sound, watch his other covers! They range from Drake songs to Miley’s “We Can’t Stop.”


Jackie Castro

I’ve always been a fan of Jason Castro, so imagine my surprise when I found out his little sister can also sing! She has such a beautiful voice. My favorite cover of hers is Lana Del Rey’s “Young & Beautiful.” I was obsessed with that song when it came out so I was very pleased that Jackie sang it and nailed it! Check out her channel, she even has videos where she sings with her brothers. How cute!


Conor Maynard

Here’s another British cutie you’ll love. Conor’s been posting YouTube covers for a while now and he’s finally starting to get the attention that he deserves! He’s already worked with Ne-Yo and is starting to get a big fan base here in the US. I love this Lorde/Avicii/1D medley but I think my absolute favorite is his cover of Katy Perry’s “Alien.” So if you love this, you should definitely check that out!


Cameron Mitchell

If you were a fan of The Glee Project, you probably know Cameron Mitchell. He was a fan favorite and had a huge chance of winning the show. Unfortunately, he decided to leave the show! I was sad about it but it’s okay now that I know that he’s still pursuing his music career. He posts awesome covers! If you like him, look up his Glee Project performances. Oh and fun fact: he and Macy Maloy (number one on this list) used to date!

That sums up my list for amazing singers on YouTube! As a music lover myself, I know that the talent out there is endless. So, if you know any amazing singers out there, let me know! Did you become a fan of any of these singers?

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Ally Rhodes is another great singer that deserves to be on here (:

You forgot Christina Grimmie!!! You should all check her out!!! She's AMAZING!!!

Troye Sivan, Madilyn Bailey, Ricky Dillon

Max Schneider, Alex goot, Kurt Schneider and tori kelly.....#Recognise! Xx

Jeremy Passion and Jade Novah!

I think another good singer on youtube that most people may not know about is Asia Major. She is really good. She's mostly R&B. she does remakes of other people's songs like Beyonce and many more.

Anhayla !!!!

orla gartland from ireland

Conor's big worldwide and he's released two albums already - but I really think everyone should watch his old covers anyway, he's amazing!

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