7 One Direction Songs You Should Listen to This Week ...

There are a ton of One Direction songs that no one ever hears because they aren’t released as singles. They just released a new album, meaning that there are so many new songs you need to check out! While they are a boy band, and that comes with a stigma, there are a bunch of great One Direction songs that you wouldn’t even realize were One Direction songs. No matter your age, there’s at least one song on this list that you will find yourself listening to for hours on end by the end of the week!

1. Story of My Life

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This song is their current single, and it’s definitely one of the best on the album, if not one of the best One Direction songs ever. It’s so different from their usual sound, but it’s been met with positive reviews. I’ve seen so many people who weren’t fans of them before become fans of them because of this song. If you haven’t heard it on the radio a million times yet, I suggest giving this song a listen.

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