7 One Direction Songs You Should Listen to This Week ...


7 One Direction Songs You Should  Listen to This Week ...
7 One Direction Songs You Should  Listen to This Week ...

There are a ton of One Direction songs that no one ever hears because they aren’t released as singles. They just released a new album, meaning that there are so many new songs you need to check out! While they are a boy band, and that comes with a stigma, there are a bunch of great One Direction songs that you wouldn’t even realize were One Direction songs. No matter your age, there’s at least one song on this list that you will find yourself listening to for hours on end by the end of the week!

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Story of My Life

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This song is their current single, and it’s definitely one of the best on the album, if not one of the best One Direction songs ever. It’s so different from their usual sound, but it’s been met with positive reviews. I’ve seen so many people who weren’t fans of them before become fans of them because of this song. If you haven’t heard it on the radio a million times yet, I suggest giving this song a listen.



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Everyone says this song sounds like a Mumford and Sons song, and while I see that, I think it has a bit of One Direction flair to it as well. If you’re a fan of folk or indie music, this is definitely the One Direction song for you. It’s a folk song that you’ll want to dance to. It’s a hard style to explain, which is what makes it so unique.


Half a Heart

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Most people don’t usually hear One Direction’s slower songs, but their hardcore fans know just how amazing their ballads are. Half a Heart is one of those ballads, and if you haven’t heard it, you must immediately. If you haven’t heard any of their ballads, I suggest that a Google search is in order. Contrary to the popular boy band stereotype, these boys can actually sing very well, and it’s on display best in their ballads.


Midnight Memories

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Midnight Memories is the title track of their new album, and it is something no-one expected, to say the least. It’s a rock song through and through, so if you’re a fan of rock music, you’ll enjoy this song. I also read that they wrote the song based on their real-life experiences as teenage stars, going to house parties after concerts and having a blast. If you really want to know what that life is like, this song is definitely worth a listen.


Over Again

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The one and only Ed Sheeran wrote this song, and it’s very apparent from the first few lyrics alone. It’s one of my favorite One Direction songs of all time, but no one besides super-fans have ever heard it. Any preconceived notions you may have of One Direction will disappear after you hear this song. It’s beautifully written, beautifully sung, and beautifully produced. It’s one of their most underrated songs, in my opinion.



Listen here:

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Moments is another song written by Ed Sheeran, and another one of their amazing ballads. It has a horribly sad backstory that I won’t get into, but it’s an absolutely beautiful song. It’s from their first album, and one of their first ballads. It’s crazy to hear how much they’ve progressed in just a few years!



Listen here:

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Strong wasn’t even released as a single, just as an early release, and it still shot to the number one spot of the iTunes charts. That’s how good it is. It starts out slow and then goes into a powerful chorus, and the lyrics are definitely nice as well. Harry Styles can tell me he needs me whenever he wants, he doesn’t need to apologize!

What's your favorite One Direction song? Did any of these make the cut?

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They've changed their style so people should actually give em a chance.

id rules me heart

i love One Direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Half a Heart is an amazingly beautiful song with perfect lyrics. Hope they sing it at Wembley on Friday!!

You literally mentioned all of my favorite songs by them especially Strong, Moments, and Over Again

Awhhhh love this. You should listen to every song by one direction. Clearly I'm a directioner.

I just love it when someone 's being lets say not polite about One Direction and all of us, directioners get together and start defending them. Btw 1D post really made my day. Oh! And 'half a heart' is a magical song as much as 'you and i' they're both beautiful

that was supposed to be a heart not q question mark whoops^


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