The Lyrics 🎧 to Bodak Yellow 🎶 Explained 💬 ...


Here are the lyrics to Bodak Yellow explained. You may have seen Ms. Belcalis Almanzar (better known as Cardi B) at the Grammy’s the other day. Her in-your-face lyrics, voluptuous figure, street-smart fashion sense, and Bronx-inflected rapping have catapulted her to stardom. She is probably best known for the rap single “Bodak Yellow,” which is packed so full of self-confidence and attitude that after a couple of listens, we FORGOT WHO WE WERE. And we started strutting. Giving people the side eye. Pumping muscles we didn’t have.

So before we lose ourselves in the Bodak Yellow… remember she’s CARDI B. We’re just… well, the street equivalent of Mr. Rogers—just hoping we can get through the day without snagging our sweaters. And to prove the point. I am going to provide you with a helpful guide for having the lyrics of Bodak Yellow explained.

1. Say Little B__h, You Can’t F—k with Me if You Wanted to

Translation: “Hi [insert nasty neighbor’s name here], how’s it going? Had a good weekend?” A few more meaningless sentences about the weather, how to avoid the nasty flu going around (“You definitely gotta wipe off those shopping cart handles!”), a couple more sentences on the benefits of pre-school, and then gotta head home... Because I’m not Cardi B.

These Expensive, These is Red Bottoms, These is Bloody Shoes
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