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7 Awesome Live Performances by the Pretty Reckless ...

By Vanessa

I could watch these performances by The Pretty Reckless over and over again and be just as impressed as the first time I saw them. Little Jenny Humphrey (sorry, Gossip Girl reference) grew up to be quite the rock star. I love everything about her style, voice, etc. Her stage presence is effortless and honestly, she has an incredible voice. If you aren't already a fan, check out these performances by The Pretty Reckless. I'm sure it'll change your mind!

1 "Make Me Wanna Die" (Acoustic)

Taylor Momsen manages to sound even better than her studio versions when she sings live! Her raspy voice is so edgy and just fits her perfectly. I love this song because it actually some interesting lyrics. I loved this acoustic version because it's Taylor without the elaborate "rock & roll" stage. You can really admire her vocals here. It's one of my favorite performances by The Pretty Reckless.

2 "Just Tonight" (Acoustic)

This might actually be my favorite Pretty Reckless song. The lyrics really hit you and hearing the emotion behind it all is really the cherry on top. There's really no way of watching this video and denying the fact this girl has some serious talent. She can take over rock & roll if she really wanted to. She hasn't really hit mainstream, but I don't think it'll be long before she does.

3 "Hit Me like a Man"

You know what? I take back saying that "Just Tonight" is my favorite Pretty Reckless song. Truth be told, they're all my favorite, so I can't really decide on just one. I love the raspiness of her voice in this video. This girl is everything that rock and roll should be. P.S watching this video just makes me realize how gorgeous Taylor Momsen really is.

4 "Miss Nothing"

For their "Down The Front' session, The Pretty Reckless sang "Miss Nothing". I love this song because the lyrics are so powerful. The lyrics include "My one mistake was that I never let you down.." It's really an empowering song and just shows the different emotions that we all feel when we're trying to discover who we are, etc.

5 "My Medicine"

As much as I love watching Taylor's acoustic videos, I love watching her concert footage more. I love watching her be in the zone and really just get lost in the music. You can tell that she's the type of musician that is just all about the music, not the fame, or anything that comes with the territory. I love that about her. That's what an artist should be!

6 "Going to Hell"

This is one of The Pretty Reckless' most recent singles. Taylor released the music video to it as well, which is awesome. I've seen a bunch of footage of her performing this song on her most recent tour, but I love the acoustic version. It's easier to really focus more on the song and her vocals, which are very impressive here.

7 "Cold Blooded"

If you shut your eyes and listen to this video, you'd think you're listening to the studio version of the song. Taylor's vocals are phenomenal in this performance. It's almost unfair just how effortless it is for her! I love this song.

There you have it, seven awesome live performances by The Pretty Reckless. It was pretty tough to limit this list to only seven because every performance is great. Which one is your favorite?

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