7 Amazing Covers by Fifth Harmony That'll Turn You into a Fan ...

They came in third place on X Factor last season, but these covers by Fifth Harmony will have you thinking that they should’ve taken the first prize home. The group is made up of five incredibly talented girls. Individually, they each have such powerful vocals. Together? They’re pretty much unstoppable. These are the times where you have to stop and thank Simon Cowell for being quite the genius. Check out these amazing covers by Fifth Harmony, they're sure to turn you into a fan!

1. Honeymoon Avenue

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This rendition is everything. I actually hadn’t heard the original (sung by Ariana Grande) until after I heard this cover. Each of the girls showcases her vocals beautifully. It’s tough to choose a favorite part but I think I have to go with Camila’s solo (don't kill me harmonizers, I love them all!). Ariana Grande even proclaimed her love for the cover on Twitter! I absolutely love this song now and it tops my list for amazing covers by Fifth Harmony.

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