7 Extremely Catchy Tunes by Demi Lovato ...

As a person who is extremely open-minded when it comes to diverse music genres, I often find myself listening to these catchy tunes by Demi Lovato. There is something about her upbeat pop numbers and raw ballads that leave me astonished by her talent as a singer. I am stunned by her impressive vocal range, and love the fact that she takes an active part in the writing process. Regardless of how you feel about her, these amazingly catchy tunes by Demi Lovato will either have you dancing in your seat or running for the nearest tissue.

1. "La La Land"

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I am starting off this list of catchy tunes by Demi Lovato with one of the songs that cemented her singing career (in my opinion). "La La Land" serves as a cheeky play on the land of celebrities (Los Angeles). This song was featured on her debut album, "Don't Forget", and was met with rave reviews. In an interview with MTV, Lovato stated that "You won't necessarily find a lot of [deep songs] on the album, but hopefully you will on the next album. It's my first one, so I wanted it to be fun β€” stuff you can drive around in your car to and jam out to." With it's energetic beat and melodious chorus, I feel that she more than accomplished this.

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