9 Energetic Songs by David Guetta That Will Keep You on Your Feet ...


9 Energetic Songs by David Guetta That Will Keep You on Your Feet ...
9 Energetic Songs by David Guetta That Will Keep You on Your Feet ...

When walking into a dance club or party, you are almost guaranteed to be greeted with a few energetic songs by David Guetta. Starting out as a DJ in France, David Guetta didn't reach mainstream and international success until the release of his fourth album "One Love". Featuring an array of talented artists, this album was just what he needed to prove to the music industry that his projects deserved more than just a listen. These top songs by David Guetta will have you running to the nearest club and dancing the night away (as is warranted by all clichés).

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When Love Takes over

Receiving two Grammy nominations, this single from "One Love" helped pave the way for his career today; as the lead single off this album, it is definitely one of the most infectious songs by David Guetta. I've always been in love with Kelly Rowland's vocal range and she does not disappoint on this track as she croons about love taking over during the chorus.


Gettin' over You

I still can't believe that I have only just come across the magical gem. Enhanced by the harmonies between the soulful Fergie and Chris Willis and LMFAO, "Gettin' Over You" hit the top of many dance charts all over the world, making it one of Guetta's best international singles.



Featuring the beautiful Sia on this track was one of the best decisions David Guetta ever made. From the catchy hook to the phenomenal vocals belted out by the fabulous singer, "Titanium" is arguably one of David Guetta's greatest hits. My spotify playlist is most certainly inclined to agree.


Love is Gone

Here is is another collaboration between David Guetta and Chris Willis. This is actually one of the first songs that I heard from the talented DJ. Released in 2007, "Love is Gone" was a commercial success because of its energetic beat and relatable lyrics. It served as the second single from his album "Pop Life".


Without You

How could I write a list on some of David Guetta's top hits and not include "Without You"? It is such a marvelous number that it was featured on the popular TV show "Glee" and was covered by lead actress Lea Michele. Usher does a phenomenal job of reminding music critics why he is often seen as the king of contemporary R&B.


Turn Me on

Zumba experts and enthusiasts will get a kick out of this next number. This song always encouraged me to work harder whenever I danced to it in zumba class. I still go crazy over this song when I'm at my house, although it's in a less organized fashion.


She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)

I have no shame in saying that I may possibly be the biggest fangirl for Australian singer Sia. It's only right that I mention this next tune that she graces. "She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)" was one of the greatest hits last year. Trust me when I say that you're going to need this song at your next party.



While this song premiered a few years ago, I still hear it everywhere I go. Featuring music prowess Kid Cudi, I can't get over how catchy this song is! I can't help the enthusiasm that comes over me whenever I listen to this awesome jam on replay.


Play Hard

The final choice on this list features R&B singers Ne-Yo and Akon. I have to admit that a large part of the reason why I love this song so much is that it samples Alice DeeJay's catchy tune "Better Off Alone", a song I distinctly remember blasting at full volume and dancing to on my bed. The only difference now is that I dance just as hard to "Play Hard".

I still find myself playing "I Gotta Feeling" every morning before getting ready for the day. I'd like to think of David Guetta's music as the tea of the music industry; his addictive beats will instantly wake you up and keep you moving. What are some other hits by David Guetta that have you dancing on your feet? Have you guys ever listened to any of his more obscure works?

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Great list .... I'm going to download it all now. Thanks! Haha

There's not one song of David Guetta I don't like be jammin to all of these

He hasn't got any songs out lately, may ye because all the other rave edm artists have literally Taken Over

Love it .

Have you heard David Guetta feat. Jessie J- Repeat? It's so amazing!

❤️David Guetta...I sing so loud to Play Hard that people probably think I'm nuts....But whatever

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