7 Best Bands for Halloween That You'll Love to Get Ready to ...

These best bands for Halloween are sure you put you in the Halloween spirit! While not all of these best bands for Halloween specifically talk about the holiday, the themes and imagery in the songs mimic the feeling of the season. So make a playlist with these bands to listen to while you are putting your costume on to really get into the Halloween spirit!

1. Schoolyard Heroes

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The best bands for Halloween make you excited for the season and the Schoolyard Heroes does just that. While this horror punk band broke up a few years ago, they left behind a repertoire of music that’s perfect to add to your Halloween playlist. Most of the songs are about creatures of the night, horror flicks, and all things macabre. Lead singer, Ryann Donnelly’s operatic vocals pair nicely with the guitar riffs and drums. While all of their songs are great to get ready to on Halloween, here are the 3 you must add to your playlist:

Dawn of the Dead – This song is exactly what you’d think it’s about, zombies.

Sincerely Yours, Jonathan Harker – If Vampire’s are your nightwalkers of choice, than you’ve gotta check out this song.
Curse of the Werewolf – This is a punk rock song about being a werewolf.

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