7 Exhilarating Songs to Listen to in the Car ...


Whether you're driving around town aimlessly or are headed to work, listening to the right kind of music will lift your spirits. You don't want to put on something depressing and end up crying when you could've had a happy day. In order to make your driving more fun, here are some exhilarating songs to listen to that'll put you in a great mood:

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Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

This song is the perfect one to drive around listening to, because it's all about cruising in your car. Of course, there's also a storyline about a cute, summer relationship. No matter what season it is, this song will make you roll your windows down to feel the fresh air. It's impossible to listen to without smiling, so add it to your iPod.


Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf

There's no need to always listen to current music when there are so many amazing songs from back in the day. This song will make you feel like you're bad to the bone, even if you're driving around in a smart car. Just don't let it influence you to drive too fast, because you don't want to end up in an accident. If you end up in a hospital, you can't act like the wild child you were meant to be.


Life is a Highway by Rascal Flats

You might recognize this song from the movie Cars. It's about how similar life is to a highway, because it's something that you travel on and don't know what's going to hit you. It's perfect to listen to if you're the type that enjoys driving down the highway all night long.


Ridin’ Dirty by Chamillionare

If you love riding around town with the music blasting, this is the song for you. It'll get you dancing in your driver's seat. However, if you're not into this song, you can always listen to the parody of it by Weird Al. Surprisingly, it's just as good.


All Summer Long by Kid Rock

This song has nothing to do with driving, but it's great to listen to while you're on the road. It's all about how much fun it is to be young and while you should cherish it while you can. Of course, no matter how old you are, you can rock out to the lyrics.


Get Low by Pudge

You might've heard this song on Breaking Bad. It's great to listen to while driving, especially if you have a fancy sports car that you want to show off. Of course, if you're not the owner of an impressive vehicle, you should still play it as often as you can.


On the Road Again by Willie Nelson

This is a classic that you'll enjoy, even if you're not a fan of country. You've probably heard it before, so you won't even have to take the time to learn the lyrics. The best part of playing it? Whether you're with your little cousins or your grandparents, they'll compliment your taste in music.

Cars have radios for a reason. As relaxing as it is to drive around, it's much more fun when you have some amazing music to listen to. What songs do you usually listen to while you're driving around town?

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