7 Powerful and Anthemic Songs from Queens of Soul ...

Ah, the Queens of Soul! How worthy they are of their titles. Some of them pushed the boundaries of soul music while others bring a modern energy, reinventing the genre so it remains timeless. Whatever their decade, however, the Queens of Soul have produced some anthemic songs we just don’t forget!

1. Aretha Franklin – Respect

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If you asked all the other Queens of Soul who they believe to be their Queen, they would probably answer Aretha. She was actually called the Queen of Soul back in the late '60s, and nobody has yet dislodged her crown. The first female singer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Aretha Franklin is the standard bearer for female soul singers and if there’s one song that really shouts what powerful anthemic songs these ladies can produce, it’s Respect. The title says it all.

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