9 Instrumental Songs to Get You through Exams ...


9 Instrumental Songs to Get You through Exams ...
9 Instrumental Songs to Get You through Exams ...

When you create your study playlist, you might want to include these instrumental songs to get you through exams. Instrumental songs have a great combination of piano, violin, flutes, and tons of other beautiful instruments. If you are really trying to buckle down and focus on studying, you should definitely check out these great instrumental songs to get you through exams.

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To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra


Whenever it comes time to put together the best instrumental songs to get you through exams, you might want to check out this song. It is not entirely instrumental, but you will look past that when you hear these vocals. The end really builds and will leave you with goosebumps.


Nuovo Bianche by Ludovico Eunadi


This song starts off slowly and has the most beautiful combination of violin and piano. It is soft enough to listen to while reading or writing, but the music is still powerful enough to still captivate you. You will lose yourself in this song while still being able to focus on your work.


The Wardrobe by Harry Gregson-Williams


If you have seen The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, you know how beautiful the soundtrack is. And this particular song is one of my favorites. It will whisk you away to a magical land while you study for exams. The prominent flute adds a wonderful touch to this song. This needs to be one of your go-to songs to get you through exams


Neville’s Waltz by Patrick Doyle


This is song sounds like it was created by Bach or Beethoven but was actually from my favorite Harry Potter movie, The Goblet of Fire. It is playful and fun and is perfect when you are in dire need of a uplifting song to get you back on your study grind.


Reverie by Debussy


Debussy is a world-renowned composer and this song is testament to his talent. It reminds me of a fairytale and is perfect for when I want to feel like I am in a enchanted forest and not stuck n the library.


Wake Me up by Avicii (Gavin Mikhail Cover)


Instrumental music can still be current and popular. This acoustic guitar cover of Avicii’s popular song Wake Me Up is perfect to have you dancing in your seat but doesn’t have the words to distract you. Instrumental covers of your favorite songs to get you through exams work because you already know and love them, but your focus stays on your work and not on singing along to the words.


Gumption by Hans Zimmer


If you are afraid that instrumental songs might put you to sleep, you need to listen to this song by Hans Zimmer from the movie The Holiday. You will be proven wrong automatically. It is upbeat, playful, and full of life. You will be given a burst of energy when you hear this song, which is just what you need during a long night of studying.


Fur Elise by Beethoven


I had to include at least one popular classic song on the list of instrumental songs to get you through exams. You probably already know and love this song, but unless you have already studied to it, you don’t know how great it is to read or write to. Something about this song just reminds of the old scholars who created the brilliant ideas of their time. And I love to embrace that scholarly vibe when I am studying.


Serenade No 13 in G Major by Mozart


This one is another throwback to the superstars of classical music. Mozart was considered one of the most incredible composers, and sill is. Serenade No 13 is the perfect study song because it has such a playful feel to it. It isn’t slow and won’t put you to sleep like other classical songs. You might even find yourself dancing in your seat to a song written over 200 years ago.

Instrumental songs are the perfect addition to your study playlist because they help you focus so much more than songs with lyrics. What did you think of these instrumental songs to get your through exams? What are some of your favorite study instrumental songs? Do you prefer to study to instrumental music or songs with words?

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Explosions in the sky!!

I thought I was the only person who did this!

I never knew this

Anything Sigur Ros has made is amazing!

intro by the xx!

I really love to build a home!

Thank you, I already knew classical music is THE BEST TO LISTEN TOO... Tried it once as a kid.. But forgot... This has become my favorite list you've made! It's encouraged me to go out and buy these CDs! Love love alllll these songs!!! THANK YOU :D

Hans Zimmer is the best. Also game soundtracks such as Jesper kyd

anything by The Glitch Mob or OVERWERK id great if you're into techno/electro

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