13 Infectious Songs by Britney Spears That Helped Define Her Career ...

I remember being a fan of pop music since the cusp of one particular singer's debut; as a child, I often found myself listening to hit songs by Britney Spears because of their infectious and energetic nature. I've always been amazed at how she was able to captivate a worldwide audience at the age of sixteen. Despite the many trials and tribulations that she faced during her career, she managed to prove to the world that she could come out on top. This truly admirable feat led me to composing this list of pop songs by Britney Spears that played a large role in defining her career as a singer.

1. "...Baby One More Time"

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It only makes sense to start off with one of the most popular songs by Britney Spears. With its catchy chorus (accompanied by a cheeky music video), this was definitely a great way to induct Britney into the world of pop music. Can you believe that her debut sold over 20 million albums?

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