9 Taylor Swift Songs to Help You Get over Heartbreak ...

I’m a self-professed Taylor Swift super fan, so Taylor Swift songs are basically my specialty in every sense of the word. Yes, she writes a lot about breakups and heartbreak. You can complain about it all you want, but when you get your heart broken, you will probably find yourself crying to a few Taylor Swift songs. Breakups are a range of emotions. Sometimes you’re devastated, other times you’re furious. You may be bitter or even over it, but eventually, you’ll move on. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of some of her greatest breakup hits when you’re feeling any one of those emotions.

1. Last Kiss

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I personally think Last Kiss is one of the best Taylor Swift songs to date. It’s virtually unknown by anyone who’s not a Taylor Swift fan, but it’s an absolutely beautiful song, musically and lyrically. She sings about all of the good memories of a relationship, and then the absolute heartbreak that followed. It’s so bittersweet that you’ll find yourself crying even if you aren’t heartbroken. It’s so perfect if you are heartbroken, though, because it’s so relatable. I’m sure everyone has sat on the floor wearing his clothes and looked back on memories after you’ve had your heart broken.

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