12 Songs to De-stress to That May Work for You ...

Stress has become an integral part of our lives (sad but true) and music is one of the better ways to bust that stress. Guest contributor Talia shares her favorite stress buster songs. Did yours make it to the list?

It's important for each and everyone of us to take time to ourselves and let go of any stresses in our lives. Sometimes music can help. I often play music when I'm driving, cooking or cleaning. Here are some songs that take me to a different place and allow me to forget and let go of stresses in my life. Take a look and maybe one or more will work for you as well.

1. Someone like You - Adele

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Adele's voice has an unexplainable and powerful way of inviting you in. Her songs carry beautiful stories and are deeply emotional. Adele is a perfect person to listen to when you need to clear your mind of what is stressing you. Close your eyes and let Adele talk to you for a while.

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