11 Genius Music Videos of All Time That Never Get Boring ...

While music videos aren't seen all of the time, I can definitely tell you that there are tons of genius music videos of all time out there that you might not know! If you were around in the '80s and '90s, you know that some genius music videos of all time are from those generations as well as this one! So, you ready to see what I have on my list of the best music videos of all time? Now remember, these are just my videos, yours might be different but share them in the comments!

1. Thriller by Michael Jackson

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I couldn't have a list of genius music videos of all time without including Thriller! This music video is absolutely amazing and the dancing is incredible. It's still a music video that people refer to and the dance? People still perform it! It's an amazing video, totally awesome song and it's a top dance!

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