11 Genius Music Videos of All Time That Never Get Boring ...


11 Genius Music Videos of All Time That Never Get Boring ...
11 Genius Music Videos of All Time That Never Get Boring ...

While music videos aren't seen all of the time, I can definitely tell you that there are tons of genius music videos of all time out there that you might not know! If you were around in the '80s and '90s, you know that some genius music videos of all time are from those generations as well as this one! So, you ready to see what I have on my list of the best music videos of all time? Now remember, these are just my videos, yours might be different but share them in the comments!

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Thriller by Michael Jackson

I couldn't have a list of genius music videos of all time without including Thriller! This music video is absolutely amazing and the dancing is incredible. It's still a music video that people refer to and the dance? People still perform it! It's an amazing video, totally awesome song and it's a top dance!


Express Yourself by Madonna

Now, I actually love this oldie! It's a video that redefined so much and I've got to tell you that the dancing is amazing! If you've never, ever seen this video, take a look – it's awesome girls and boys, and I'm not even a huge Madonna fan!


Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen

I know, I know exactly what you are thinking – WHY is this on there? Well, not only does this video tell a story (I love those kinds of videos!), but I love, love the end of this video. Have you seen it? Take a look now, you'll love it as much as I do, I know it. Plus, Carly is so friggin' cute! How could you not love her?


Closer by Nine Inch Nails

This is video that is super graphic, but it's also really, really awesome. I'm not typically a NIN fan, but this is a video that completely and totally caught me off-guard. I mean, the heart in the chair? The words to the music? The darkness and how everything is revealed? It's – crazy!


3am by Eminem

For all of you Eminem fans out there, wasn't this amazing video one of your favorites? I love Eminem in everything he does, but this video spoke to me in so many ways and the way he gave it his all? Gosh, he's amazing. This video is all about his drug addiction and just how badly it had hold of him. Basically, he would kill anything and anyone to get a hold of the pills that controlled him. How genius is this video?


Paparazzi by Lady Gaga

What genius music videos of all time list would be complete without Lady Gaga? I had a really hard time choosing which one … or two Lady Gaga videos I'd put on here, but have you ever seen the full video of Paparazzi? It's amazing – it's honestly almost like a movie in and of itself. Where does Gaga come up with this stuff?


Here It Goes Again by Okay Go

So this video is one of my favorite just because – who can friggin' do that with treadmills? Not only does it keep you completely interested, but it's one of those videos that you honestly can't stop watching! I love it!


A World like This by Backstreet Boys

Okay, again, I know what you are thinking; why is this on this list? Well, if you've never, ever watched the video, now is the time! This video is so amazing, especially the very last scene, where it is a same-sex couple holding hands when DOMA was overturned. It's a personal video to me and the song is actually pretty inspiring too! In a world like this – it's pretty amazing what we can accomplish together right?


Telephone by Lady Gaga

Ah, so you thought that I completely forgot about this video didn't you? This is another video that I don't think I could look away from, because it truly is a story within a story! It's super Kill Billish and it's a video that I absolutely loved when it first came out!


Same Love by Mackemore & Ryan Lewis

Another personal favorite of mine is this one. Mackemore is one of those artists that most people don't think about, but this song and this video in particular? It's amazing. Everything is tied up at the end and truthfully, it's one of the few videos that I've watched at least two dozen times since it came out. It's truly amazing.


The Scientist by Coldplay

Finally, Coldplay is the last video that I'm going to talk about that is one of my favorites of all time! It's a video that is completely backwards and it's super well-done! Also, I love this song; it's totally one of my favorites!

So girls and guys, while this list might not have been what you are expecting, it's just my opinion of some of the best and most interesting videos out there. What are some of your favorites? Do you have any to share? Give 'em up!

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Missing some blink 182 videos, like what's my age again and all the small things. They never get old.

Okay, imma let you finish, but beyonce's put a ring on it is one of the best video's of all time!


Well it's a beautifully portrayed story... I prefer poker face as a favorite. The drama and the innuendo and gaga is so cute and so is the boy that she ends up with

I'd add "My immortal" by Evanescence. So full of meaning.

"When I was in Third grade, I thought I was gay. Cause I could draw." -_-

Question - why do you post videos that cannot be played back on iPhone.

And oh my god you didn't even mention Alexander Skarsgard in Paparazzi!

'Firework' by Katy Perry is a great morale booster

Marshall ❤️❤️

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