7 Amazing Indie Bands That Should Be in Your Ipod Right Now ...


7 Amazing Indie Bands That Should Be in Your Ipod Right Now ...
7 Amazing Indie Bands That Should Be in Your Ipod Right Now ...

While you might be jamming out to some chart toppers this summer, there are so many amazing indie bands to check out. Indie bands are becoming more and more popular and are known for creating distinctive music. While there are so many indie bands, each with their own unique sound, here a few of my personal favorite that need to be on your iPod asap.

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Bastille Bastille is one of my favorite bands and is one of the go-to amazing indie bands on my iPod right now. The lead singer’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and the entire band comes together to create beautiful music. Their most popular song is probably “Pompeii” but to hear their true talent, listen to the Abbey Road recording of “Flaws.”


Alt-J (?)

Alt-J (?) Another British band like Bastille, Alt-J is a top-notch indie band. Alt-J is dedicated to perfecting their music; it even took them 5 years to release their first album because they wanted it to be so good. They have such a unique sound due to the lead singer's one-of-a-kind voice and the fact that they don’t use cymbals in their drum set. They are also super-dedicated to making music their way. They once turned down an offer to sing in an advertisement because they didn't want to cover a Johnny Cash song. They didn't want to ruin such a classic song and sell out.


The 1975

The 1975 One of my favorite things about The 1975 is that they have a unique sound but totally danceable songs. I dare you to not be moving along to their catchy songs like “Chocolate” or “Sex.” It is almost impossible. Their voices are so harmonious that it is almost haunting.


Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend What happens when you combine 4 Columbia graduates, an indie band, and a tad bit of prep; you get Vampire Weekend. Their songs are anything but dull and have the most creative lyrics. They might not be the newest band out there, but I never get tired of their ridiculously upbeat songs. My personal favorites are “Oxford Comma” and “Mansard Roof.”


Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon You might have heard their most famous song “Anna Sun” but this band is far from a one-hit wonder. With songs like “Tightrope” and “Quesadilla” you will absolutely fall in love with Walk the Moon. They have a pop vibe to them and all of their songs are infectious.


Young the Giant

Young the Giant The lead singer of Young The Giant has such a whispery but powerful vibe to it that is guaranteed to hook you in to their music. Their guitar heavy music is great to get ready to in the morning. And just try to pay attention to their lyrics without wanting to sing along.


Atlas Genius

Atlas Genius Atlas Genius is perfect for listening to while studying or driving around with the top down. They have such a fun but relaxed vibe to their music. They add some funky bass beats with a powerful drum component to create amazing music. So sit back and let Atlas Genius serenade you into indie music bliss.

Indie bands can be a great source of new music and who knows, you might even find your new favorite band. What did you think of these amazing indie bands? Did you like any of these bands after listening to them? What other amazing indie bands are on your iPod right now?

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Boy and bear should be here tooo :( they are really good! But great list, some of them I dont know so Im lucky to hear some good new music!

Oh! Love this list! What about Bon iver? My fave band! Xx

Alt J and Young the Giant...on repeat!!

5 secs of summer

Amen to all of these🙏


The 1975 are one of the best bands around. Love them....on countdown for the album !

The Lumineers!

i love vampire weekend! where's arctic monkeys?

The weeks are beautiful! Same with Alt-J

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