7 Best Cross Genre Music Collaborations ...

Do you want to know what to listen to when searching for the best cross genre music collaborations out there? I hope the answer is yes, because I have an awesome list for you! I mean, it’s safe to assume that we all like music, right? Now, what would be even better is if you could hear two of your favorite artists from different musical genres on the same song, right? What’s that you say? They already exist? Why, yes they do, and I have listed the best cross genre music collaborations that I like and hope you will too!

1. Aerosmith & Run-Dmc

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Way back when rap and hip-hop were in their early stages, Run-DMC owned the industry. They were unique, talented and had everyone rocking Adidas. Aerosmith is considered one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all times and have hits that will remain in American culture for many years to come. When these two came together to make the song β€œWalk This Way,” it broke barriers and records. It was appealing to everyone and that’s what made it so successful. It was one of the earliest and undoubtedly one of the best cross genre music collaborations of all time.

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