7 Songs from Phillip Phillips That I Always Have on Repeat ...


Being one of my favorite musicians, there are so many songs from Phillip Phillips that'll just never get old to me. I've been a fan of his ever since I watched his American Idol audition. I rooted for him all season long and was thrilled when he won. I seriously think he was so deserving of it! He's accomplished so much since then (I mean, touring with John Mayer? WOW). He put out an incredible album with incredible songs. Check out the songs from Phillip Phillips that I always have on repeat.

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This song HAD to make the list. I have been in love with it ever since he performed it on Idol. It kind of became the Olympics anthem, which is awesome. The music video is beautiful, just like the lyrics are. It was all over the radio when it came out, as it deserved to be. This is just one of the songs from Phillip Phillips that I can't stop listening to.



Remember when Phillip sang this song on American Idol? He got a standing ovation from all four judges. That's pretty impressive, huh? I think it was kind of a game changer for Phillip. He earned so much respect after that performance. I even prefer his version to the original one! That's how good it is.


Gone, Gone, Gone

The lyrics of this song are beautiful. "I'll love you long after you're gone, gone, gone." Can you imagine if someone said/sung that to you? I think I'd melt! Even though it's a love song, it still has a very feel-good vibe to it. Like the majority of his songs, it makes you want to get up and sing along.


Where We Came from

I love the video to this song! It has a really mellow vibe, which is very "Phillip Phillips". It's definitely a repeat-worthy song. Then again, I think every Phillip Phillips song and performance is repeat-worthy. Don't you?


U Got It Bad

Phillip singing Usher? Yup, I'd watch all that day, every day. He sounds amazing on this cover. He performed it on Idol and all the judges loved it! It was definitely the perfect way to showcase the side that no one had seen of him up to this point. I love this performance.


Hold on

Ugh. Just watching Phillip play the guitar makes my heart melt. He really is a true musician, in every way. I love that he doesn't need a big band at all his performances. It's just about him, his guitar, and the heart of the song. That's how I think every performance should be. Yeah, that's kind of unrealistic to expect from the music industry but at least we get it from Phillip. Once again, the lyrics are beautiful. I love how manages to share beautiful lyrics and have a beautiful melody with it.


Wicked Games

This is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics are heartbreakingly beautiful. When I bought Phillip's album, this is the song I couldn't stop listening to. I love his acoustic rendition of the song! How about that guitar solo at the end? Awesome.

There you have it! These seven songs from Phillip Phillips are constantly being played on my iTunes. He's a raw, genuine talent. What's your favorite song of his?

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