13 Relatable and Inspirational Eminem Songs to Listen to ...

By Heather

13 Relatable and Inspirational Eminem Songs to Listen to ...

While Eminem is one of those artists that you love or hate, you've got to admit that there are inspirational Eminem songs that everyone can relate to at some time in their life. Whether you are going through a death in your family or you are dealing with a relationship that is on the rocks, there are inspirational Eminem songs that can pull you through the tough times. Below, I've got 13 Eminem songs that have inspired me in one way or another and that have helped me in so, so many ways. Take a look!

Table of contents:

  1. beautiful
  2. my darling
  3. space bound
  4. cleanin' out my closet
  5. not afraid
  6. lose yourself
  7. i need a doctor
  8. the monster
  9. love the way you lie
  10. the way i am
  11. lighters
  12. you're never over
  13. going through changes

1 Beautiful

This is absolutely one of the best inspirational Eminem songs out there. This song is a song I throw on when I am depressed, a song that I throw on when I can't think of anyone else in the world I'd like to talk to and a song that helps pull me out of my slumps. We've all taken our bruises and lumps – wouldn't it be nice to relate to someone like Eminem though a beautiful song like this?

2 My Darling

If you completely ditched Eminem after Refill came out, I don't blame you, it wasn't his best album in the world but this song? It's got so many riddles and puzzles inside of it. It's packed with thoughts of his relationship on drugs and how drugs kept pulling him back into Shady – when he really just wanted to be Marshall. It's a beautiful song, just listen to the words!

3 Space Bound

There is no inspirational Eminem song list that would be complete without this song. It's a love ballad, it's a beautiful poetic song that is giving up his love to his girlfriend. Personally, I don't think that this song was dedicated to Kim, because he wasn't looking for love when he found the mate he wrote this song about. I love the violence that is in this song, the psychotic nature and the beauty of how Em flows!

4 Cleanin' out My Closet

With all of the ups and downs with his mom, Eminem finally put it to rest, finally responded to the CD that his mom put out about him and finally laid it all out. He gave up his whole childhood in this song, he faced every rumor and he revealed exactly how he grew up – and addressed how much he has been hated. It's a song that makes you think, a song that reveals just what hell this man went through.

5 Not Afraid

Eminem has been through hell and back and while he's the one that put himself there through drugs and addiction, he has kicked the habit and this song details it all out! I love the video, I love the message and I love the fact that he doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. I think this is one of his best songs and it's truly, one of the ones that never makes it off of my playlist!

6 Lose Yourself

Curtain Call is one of my favorite albums of all time. Not only does he really reveal himself in that album, but it was the one that he put out before he spiraled downward quite a bit. Lose Yourself might have evolved because of 8 Mile, but the message in the song is clear. If you have one shot, you take it. Don't miss any opportunities because of fear, overcome it!

7 I Need a Doctor

Everyone in the world needs that person that they go to, the person that has picked them up from the ground and the person that has been through every single thing with them. Dre is that person for Eminem and this is a song that really pays it back to Dre, when he needed someone. Dr. Dre is so inspiring, but as of late, he's taken a back seat to people like Eminem and now, Eminem wants to let the Dr. know that he does still have it and that he is still as good as he was. The emotion that he has in this song … god, it blows my mind every single time I listen to it!

8 The Monster

I could not make this list without including his newest single – The Monster. Once again, he has teamed up with Rihanna and it's brilliant! This song is already an addiction of mine and it's so inspiring! Not only does he admit that he wants to be the best and the greatest, but he also wants people to know that his addiction is still his best friend, the monster inside of him is still alive.

9 Love the Way You Lie

We all know that Kim and Em's relationship is so, so rocky most of the time. They are abusive to each other, they get each other to the point of breaking and they really are toxic together. Eminem is known for rapping confessions and getting his aggression out through his raps and this is no different. This amazing song is so relatable to so many people in a relationship like Kim and Em's. It's an addiction in and of itself.

10 The Way I Am

Eminem didn't expect to blow up in fame like he did. He wasn't ready for it, all he wanted to do was rap, get paid and … be damned the rest, but when contracts started flowing his way, when he completely blew up and couldn't walk down the street without fans coming up to him, he was pissed! I would be too – that's what this song is all about, detailing out the tension that he felt and truthfully, he's the only rapper that could get away with this type of song! Sometimes, when you feel like the world is on your shoulders, this is a great song to listen to!

11 Lighters

I love that Eminem does so many different raps with so many different people, that his collaborations are so different yet he keeps himself in it as well. This song? Melts my heart. He is trying to inspire people to keep their dreams, to follow them and be damned everything else!

12 You're Never over

Think about your best friend, how you grew up together and what you went through together – Eminem lost his best friend Proof. He got shot and Eminem still isn't over his death and so he wrote about it, he rapped about it and he detailed out his entire friendship in his particular song. This song really lets people know exactly what Proof meant to him and how much it affected him when he died. If you have someone that died, can you relate to this song?

13 Going through Changes

Finally, when you feel like you are out of control, when you feel like life is too complicated and you are losing hope, this is the song for you. This is a song that expresses Eminem's want to die, to join his best friend, to join Proof in death. It's also a song that proves you can make it through those feelings, you can pull yourself out of the funk.

Eminem is such an inspirational person, such an inspiring individual and someone whom I look up to constantly. Do you have someone that you look up to? Someone that you find inspiring? Give it up!

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